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2023 – The Year to Streamline and Integrate

17 January 2023

Bill Dellara, VP Product, VOSS

I came across an interesting article at the beginning of the year, from Beth English on No Jitter, regarding 2023 being the year to streamline and integrate.

Her opening line really resonated with me:

The big trend for this new year is not a new technology but rather a new way of aligning communications and collaboration initiatives with current and future business needs.

I couldn’t agree more.

In our recent product innovation video update, I made the same observation. Enterprise organizations have invested in a wealth of UC tech to solve immediate business challenges, and now is the time to take stock, evaluate what’s in place, understand what’s working and what’s not, rationalize where possible, and integrate it into a cohesive, slick, and secure solution.

Beth goes on to comment; “…most organizations are still feeling the effects [of moving to a remote working model] because priority has not been given to strategically re-align the organization’s communications and collaboration initiatives with current and future business needs.”

2023 is the year to do just that. It’s time to re-align your UC initiatives to match your business needs. And VOSS can help.

1. One Size Does Not Fit All

  • Embrace your multi-vendor UC estate – different areas of the business have varying needs, and more than a single solution may be required. Management is the key to embracing a multi-vendor solution and making it a success.
  • Ensure all UC technologies are integrated and managed by a single interface, to give you a single point of control.
  • Ensure your UC estate is built on an agile framework that allows you to adopt and integrate new technologies seamlessly as business needs evolve.
  • Introduce zero-touch workflows that overarch all UC technologies, to remove the burden of manual tasks.

2. Conduct a Discovery Analysis

  • Be proactive. Harness a data discovery process to understand what UC technology you already have installed, and what is really being used.
  • Get an insight into what is working for you and where improvement is needed. UC performance management tools will give you real-time knowledge of the efficacy of your tools.
  • Carry out a POC to learn how to meet your identified needs with different solutions that are part of the strategic plan, to help identify viable alternatives.

3. Form a Strategic Plan

  • It’s not unreasonable to expect your business goals to be aligned to – and supported by – a dynamic UC and collaboration strategy.
  • Put in place an agile UC framework that allows your collaboration strategy the freedom to flex and evolve, while promoting employee collaboration and productivity. This will ensure your business will flourish.

To discuss your plans for your digital workplace in 2023, please get in touch.