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A Look Back on 2022 and a View to 2023 with VOSS CEO, Mike Frayne

January 3, 2023

In this article, we interview VOSS CEO, Mike Frayne:

Over the last year, what challenges has VOSS been focused on helping organizations overcome?

This last year, we have seen organizations get used to hybrid working and embrace a more digital workplace. Having made quick technology decisions during the pandemic, 2022 was a year of reflection, consolidation, and planning. Most recently, the global economic downturn has resulted in everyone becoming more cost conscious. VOSS has been helping our customers to not only achieve a fully functional and agile communications and collaboration platform, but also to provide insights into how to achieve cost savings through increased levels of automation and to reduce costs by rationalizing overlapping capabilities.

Enabling customers to get better visibility into their UC platform’s performance and the experience of their hybrid workforce
Introducing automation to help companies save money and time by replacing arduous manual processes with zero-touch workflows
Removing the complexity of multi-vendor UC environments by empowering companies to select best of breed UC technologies, and making the management simple for them, through a single pane of glass

Where has VOSS shown value to customers in 2022?

There are three areas where our customers derive the most value from VOSS:

  • UC Discovery and Migration – Our highly sophisticated, UC migration technology saves customers from lengthy, high-budget and high-risk, manual UC migrations.
  • UC Automation Management – This is probably where we are most well known. Our UC automation management technology introduces unprecedented levels of automation agility enabling customers to lower their operating costs and meet their evolving business needs.
  • UC Monitoring and Analytics – Our UC performance management suite gives a deep insight into their UC platforms, empowering them to continually improve and optimize their UC environment, providing the very best communications experience for employees and growing their business as a result. And, it integrates with their UC automation management platform to enrich the data needed for monitoring and fault detection leading to faster resolution through self-healing AI logic.

In these times of austerity, why should customers consider investing in UC automation management and UC performance management?

All UC and collaboration tools come with basic management capabilities, But, as our customers evolve their digital workplace, the mesh of technologies that need to interoperate becomes increasingly complex, and the management platform must be highly agile to do so.

Customers come to VOSS so that they can integrate with any API, enabling them to view, analyze, and administer other business systems – such as HR, billing, expense management, service requests – through the central VOSS management console. This gives businesses a holistic view, with insight into operations and performance management of their business.

It’s at times like these, when UC management becomes more important than ever, as it holds the key to operational savings and business growth.

Where has VOSS focused its development efforts over the past 12 months?

Our customers are constantly challenging us with the next generation of UC technology management requirements. UC technology becomes ever more sophisticated, and it all needs managing. Headset quality, huddle room efficacy, even meeting room temperature. Our UC automation management and UC performance management tools are continually evolving to overarch the latest technology and to support our customers’ demanding needs.

The way we achieve this is by continuing to invest in agility in our design. API integration allows us to monitor, manage and report on pretty much anything in the UC estate. So, we can quickly solve these new challenges, providing immediate value to our customers. Which is why they stay so loyal.

Looking forward to 2023, what technology trend should we look out for?

Let me talk to you about self-healing. As hybrid working takes hold, actionable intelligence into your UC performance becomes more important than ever. To monitor the efficacy of your UC platform, to monitor the performance of your staff, and most importantly to ensure a positive end user experience, you have to have real time performance management tools in place.

VOSS customers can marry their UC automation management with UC performance management, and together take this to the next level. And what that means is that we extract the data, analyze it, diagnose it, and apply corrective rules through automated workflows with minimal to no human intervention. VOSS is in a pretty unique position to help organizations with UC self healing. It’s a real game changer for our customers.

And finally, what prediction would you like to share for 2023?

I think we will see an increased interest in UC Observability. With the explosive year-on-year growth of cloud-based UC services, many organizations face significant challenges due to lack of visibility into these services and their cloud infrastructure.

With the adoption of UC observability, organizations will get a deep insight into their UC quality delivery and be able to proactively update problem areas before users experience issues.

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