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A Review – Gartner Digital Workplace Summit, London

May 23, 2023

Henry Barton, VP Strategy, VOSS Solutions

VOSS was a proud sponsor of the Digital Workplace Summit, which took place last week at the prestigious O2 Intercontinental Hotel in London.

Overall, the summit offered insights into creating a next generation workplace that promotes employee productivity, enables digital transformation, adapts to changing work models, leverages emerging technologies, ensures data security, and enhances collaboration and communication.

The agenda explored the ongoing digital transformation journey that organizations are undertaking, with discussions revolving around leveraging technology and innovative tools to drive efficiency, collaboration, and agility in the workplace.

Right in VOSS’ key area of focus.

It was transparent that the vast majority of attendees were there with a purpose of learning how to improve their own company’s digital workplace. And so during conversations with delegates at our booth, this meant centering on how to introduce automation and intelligence into the UC stack, to achieve better insight and unlock productivity and operational gains.

An important theme that stood out during the event was the significance of employee experience in the digital workplace. Attendees recognized the value of creating a seamless and engaging environment that emphasizes user-centric design and personalized solutions. The goal is to enhance productivity and satisfaction, particularly in the context of remote and hybrid work models. VOSS is well-positioned to address these concerns by offering technology that helps manage distributed teams and implement hybrid work models effectively. With a management layer for multiple technologies, VOSS aims to provide a single-pane-of-glass to simultaneously manage various technologies while devolving administration functionality to operational staff.

One of the highlights for me was the opportunity to give a presentation at the conference. The theme:

“2023 Streamline, Rationalise and Integrate Your Digital Workplace”

If you weren’t able to see the presentation in person, you can catch the replay here.

The session was well attended, and I was able to explain why 2023 is the year to take stock of your UC estate, understand what’s working and what’s not, rationalize where possible, and integrate it into a cohesive, well-configured, and secure Digital Workplace. We also took the opportunity to share some real-life use-case examples of how some of our major global customers are harnessing VOSS’ UC automation, analytics and migration tools to support the hybrid digital workplace.

To learn more about VOSS and how we can support your organization on their digital transformation journey, please get in touch.