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Embrace Microsoft Teams Phone in a Multi-Vendor UC Estate – Webinar Now Available

February 7, 2023

Tim Jalland, Solutions Manager, VOSS

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We were delighted to welcome so many of you to our webinar last week. Thanks to everyone who was able to listen in!

For those that missed it, I was joined by Kevin Kieller to discuss how organizations can embrace Microsoft Teams Phone in a multi-vendor UC estate.

During the webinar, Kevin and I had a lively and interactive discussion on the fact that organizations are transforming IT and moving to the cloud; with voice being no exception. While many vendors demonstrate a perfect world where a single solution is used, the real world is “messy”. IT Pros must grapple with a mix of UC technologies and vendors, coupled with changing work practices, old and new technologies, and service desks.

There’s been a lot written about SBCs, connectivity, numbers and porting.

So, to keep things interesting, we looked at six areas in turn, more associated with introducing Microsoft Teams Phone, from an organizational and user perspective:

  • Understanding what you have and where to start from
  • How to keep the wheels turning and manage multiple systems as you migrate
  • Automation as a way to reduce the need for highly technical and scare engineers
  • Keeping track of telephone numbers in a single inventory
  • Security in the broadest sense – running a secure and robust migration
  • Lastly and most important, User experience and driving adoption

If organizations get these steps right, the rewards are enticing; deliver a better end-user experience, support flexible work styles, automate more of your UC management processes, modernize and rationalize older systems, optimize costs.

It’s always a sign of an engaged audience when there are multiple questions at the end, and this webinar was no exception. So, if you want to catch the replay and listen to the Q&A, click on the link below.

Watch it now