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Let’s Talk About Compliance – VOSS Insights Can Help

Darrel Bremer, VP Customer Success, VOSS Solutions

In this blog post we address the hot topic of compliance, and how VOSS Insights can help.

The Complexity of Compliance

With the rapid adoption of cloud-based unified communications solutions and digital transformation in general, as well as the ever-increasing rules and regulations defined by authorities that shape the way we work, significant complexity has been added to the management and measurement of how an organization is meeting its compliance requirements. The teams responsible for regulatory compliance are scrambling to stay ahead of the game.

Compliance Management – That’s the Answer!

The key to solving the issue around compliance is to implement a management solution that spans the organizational structure, providing the ability to manage all compliance requirements as part of a consolidated data acquisition, processing, and reporting capability. Central data processing and visualization significantly improves effectiveness and reduction in risk, as well as cost.

Compliance Waits for No One

To stay ahead of the demands of changing regulatory and compliance requirements – in many cases in a multinational environment – it is critical to choose a management tool that is flexible enough to allow for the implementation of new compliance metrics, and to do so in a cost-effective manner. Rich, scalable integration capabilities provide the ability to integrate with a vast number of devices in a networked environment. This provides a single pane of glass to ensure that compliance is met, specifically around insights into security considerations and meeting regulatory requirements.

In addition, visualization via role-specific customized dashboards, as well as the ability to alert or create alarms for areas where compliance is not met, provides an organization with the ability to identify, isolate, and resolve any issues that may result in non-compliance.

Compliance Management – VOSS Can Help

It will come as no surprise to hear that VOSS is carrying out this function for an increasing number of companies around the world. Let’s focus on one service provider in the Asia Pacific region that I have been working with. They have deployed VOSS Insights with the objective of obtaining a central, consolidated view of all things related to compliance.

VOSS Insights works quietly in the background, keeping a constant eye on all patch levels and server information. When an upgrade, patch, or change is required, VOSS automatically triggers the necessary workflow. This allows the company to take remedial action in order to stay compliant.

For the service provider or enterprise, having the visualization in an easy-to-read dashboard or report, aids in the speedy identification and remediation of any non-compliant systems. This reduces risk and cost. And, with access to deep analysis and real-time reporting, this dynamic solution from VOSS is keeping the service provider on the right side of the tracks.

Next Steps

VOSS Insights provides a huge amount of value to the digital workplace environment. In this particular example, it transcends UC and provides value to an interesting new and critical area of your business.

To find out more about VOSS Insights and compliance management, please get in touch.