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Migrate Your Enterprise Telephony Systems to Microsoft Teams Phone: Real Life Use Cases

January 19, 2023

Tim Jalland, Solution Manager, VOSS Solutions

For enterprise organizations, moving your telephony system to a cloud-based service is the big decision for 2023.

You are not alone. Thousands of enterprises are embarking on the same digital business transformation, and we are here to help.

For many, the obvious choice is Microsoft Teams Phone. What’s not to like? Your telephony will be seamlessly integrated into the Microsoft 365 business collaboration and productivity toolset, giving your staff a much more seamless UC and collaboration experience, while giving the IT team a single point of control over the entire UC stack. You will likely save time and costs, improve collaboration for your staff, and have a much clearer insight into performance and productivity.

But it’s a daunting project and many organizations just don’t know where to start. That’s where VOSS comes in. We have an enormous amount of experience in moving large and complex organizations from traditional telephony platforms to the cloud. But don’t just take our word for it.

Here are some real life examples of how organizations are working with VOSS to migrate their enterprise voice system to Microsoft Teams Phone.

Take the headache out of migrating your telephony systems to Teams enterprise voice

Real Life Example: Use Case 1 – International Finance Organization

  • Project size: 55,000 employees
  • Voice estate: Migrating from a mixed voice estate of on-premise systems – Microsoft Skype for Business, Cisco, Avaya, to Microsoft Teams Phone

The Challenge 

The company wanted to consolidate 55,000 users that were using mixed voice technologies, on different platforms in different regions. They put in place a 2-year plan to manually migrate the voice platform to harness the value of Microsoft Teams Phone alongside the collaboration and productivity tools already in use. 

The Solution

Selecting the “Give Teams a Voice” package from VOSS, the company was able to use automation to accelerate the migration project and reduce errors during the process.  This ensured an efficient project and good take-up of the new Microsoft Teams Phone service whilst realizing cost benefits from the early decommissioning of the legacy systems.

The Business Value 

  • The use of automation to remove errors and introduce repeatable processes – the total project time was cut but 50%
  • Flexibility to identify groups of users – for example managers and assistants and users in a calling group – and migrate these together and ensure the group wasn’t broken
  • Regular reporting and tracking of the migration project to report on progress to senior management and plan future migration batches
  • Rapid rollout of Microsoft Teams Phone with a much faster time to benefit

Real Life Example: Use Case 2 – North American Manufacturer

  • Project size: 4,000 employees
  • Voice estate: Migrating 100+ independent franchises and head office onto single shared Microsoft Teams Phone platform 

The Challenge

The company approached VOSS with the challenge of migrating telephony services for 100+ franchises, each with their own Microsoft tenant but sharing a common Cisco voice platform. Post migration, the manufacturer also wished to harness automation for ongoing management for moves, adds and changes. They had an aggressive deadline to migrate before the annual support on the Cisco platform became due.

The Solution

The VOSS “Give Teams a Voice” package introduced automation to standardize and speed up the process of migrating all sites onto Microsoft Teams Phone. The solution from VOSS ensured the company could complete the project in under 3 months, with the complexity of multiple Microsoft tenants.

The Business Value

  • Rapid and efficient process to hit deadline and achieve speed to value
  • Highly automated to manage multiple site migrations in a repeatable manner
  • Single portal to manage migration across multiple Microsoft tenants
  • Project cost: 1/3 of anticipated budget
  • On going cost savings as a result of decommissioning multiple old platforms and consolidating on Microsoft Teams
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We are here to help

VOSS is currently working with many other organizations, each with a common goal: to migrate their voice platform to Microsoft Teams Phone, but each with their own unique set of requirements. VOSS is here to help you, no matter how challenging or complex your voice and UC estate.

If you would like to discuss VOSS for Microsoft or your Microsoft Teams environment with VOSS, please contact us.

Finally, we are running a webinar on this very topic, on January 31st. Click here to learn more!