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Part 1: Simplifying Webex Device Rollout with VOSS Automate

Keith Bareham,
Director Solutions Engineering, VOSS Solutions

May 16, 2023

Cisco Webex Teams provides a plethora of UC features from the cloud. In this article we will explore how to deploy Webex phones and collaboration devices across meeting rooms, work areas, and other common areas.

Webex Teams workspaces denote meeting rooms and other workspaces that have a Webex device. These spaces could be a desk or a conference room, and they could have a phone or a collaboration device.

To provision a device, a workspace needs to be created, and an activation code needs to be obtained. The installer then uses this code to register the device with the Webex cloud. While using the Webex control hub, every workspace must be configured separately, and each activation code must be shared with the installer, indicating the correct location where it should be used. This can be a tedious and error-prone process, especially when deploying many new devices in an office.

VOSS Automate offers a way to quickly roll out workspaces and devices using bulk administration capabilities. Whether you want to add a single workspace and device, or setting up multiple workspaces in a new facility, VOSS Automate can create the workspaces, email activation codes to the installation team, and even activate the device automatically using the device’s APIs.

With VOSS Automate, a single form allows the creation of the Webex workspace, and if needed, device credentials can be added. These credentials enable VOSS Automate to access the device’s API and register the device with the Webex control hub. Additionally, the familiar VOSS Automate bulk loading capability can be used to register many devices in a single operation.

Using this new VOSS Automate feature expedites the deployment of Webex devices and reduces the likelihood of deployment errors, particularly when deploying a large number of devices.

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