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Top Tip for UC Performance Management: Flag Service Degradation Before it Becomes a Problem

May 2, 2023

Derek Smith, Product Marketing Manager, VOSS Solutions

Continuing with our series of blog posts to bring you top tips for the UC performance management space, today I’d like to highlight a particular challenge facing most – if not all – IT support staff:

How to flag a service degradation issue, and indeed resolve it, before it affects business productivity.

This is not a simple task, and it can’t be done reactively. To succeed here, you must have real-time insight into – and understanding of – all of your disparate UC systems, services, and device relationships. Added to this, you need a real-time and continual feed of data that can be analyzed.

VOSS Insights to the Rescue

VOSS Insights provides a single pane of glass management portal for the ingestion of structured and unstructured data across your entire collaboration system and services. This spans UC technologies that are on-premises, in the cloud, and hybrid. VOSS Insights enables you to customize proactive alerting based on your business requirements down to a user, site, or regional level. By gathering and combining data from all sources in real time, VOSS Insights gives you the tools to understand the root cause of a service degradation issue. And, then automatically generate proactive notifications to inform your business systems.

The Value

The impact on MTTR (mean time to repair) is the most obvious business benefit. Imagine if one of your staff was working from home. VOSS Insights would flag an issue that arose – for example the wifi connection being patchy or a headset quality issue – and provide a positive workaround before the issue had impacted the employee’s productivity … or their morale.

This proactive approach radically improves the employee experience and helps keep your people motivated.

Trust the Company with the Experience

VOSS has years and years of experience in creating performance management monitoring rules that generate service impacting alerts. And it’s no mean feat: Alerting based on vendor recommendations can create a lot of alert “noise” that can distract from real issues affecting users. VOSS overcomes this by creating alerts that contain vendor recommended resolution steps (quick identification, quick resolution), to remove this unnecessary noise.

VOSS dashboards provide context around alerted issues to show whether the issue is happening in one location or many, and whether it’s affecting a certain group of users. Added to this, VOSS offers proactive call path testing, and proactive cloud service testing (raptor, UC observability).

VOSS Insights also provides the ability to configure and change response procedures to meet your specific needs. You can automate closure of duplicate issues, to send certain alerts to other IT systems, to initiate a command, or to escalate to a particular contact. This can further be used to automate actions to remove manual interventions which provides even further reduction to MTTR.

Finally, we can help you integrate this capability into your existing ticketing and IT operations systems to quickly operationalize UC monitoring and reporting.

There’s a lot to think about and we can help. To start a discussion, please get in touch.

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