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VOSS Solutions Introduce New VOSS Phone Server

Improving the lifetime value of telephony assets

Market leader in communication tools, Voss Solutions, recently introduced the latest addition to its product collection. The VOSS phone server aims to extend the lifetime value of existing telephony assets in the business landscape, while simultaneously reducing operating costs.

VOSS phone server is a telephony and registration server, connecting devices and phones into telephony tools. The new solution provides a straightforward and convenient way to bring a wide variety of multi-vendor opportunities into systems like Cisco CUCM, Cisco HC, Microsoft Teams, and Avaya Aura.

What Does the VOSS Phone Server Do?

The VOSS phone server extends the lifetime of products that become outdated when the primary telephony platform upgrades to the latest software. This solution also provides a scalable form of standard telephony for businesses, at a price that’s lower and more affordable for places like reception areas, lobbies, branch offices, and meeting rooms.

With VOSS phone server, companies can access an easier migration to new telephony solutions, ensuring that devices can connect quickly and easily to new estate environments. At the same time, the solution offers the option of connecting more tools from traditional environments, like SIP phones and ATA adapters into tools like Microsoft Teams.

The VOSS phone server will be particularly valuable for connecting dispersed devices in a remote environment with the growth of mobile working practices.

Connecting the Telephony Landscape

VOSS created its Phone Server system in response to the challenge of connecting new, existing, and multi-vendor devices into solutions like Cisco, Microsoft, and Avaya. VOSS phone server allows companies to integrate quickly and cost-effectively new and existing environments, extending the lifetime of their investments, without compromising on new technology.

Without forcing organisations to rely on a single vendor, VOSS gives companies the freedom to connect traditional and analogue points in new UC platforms. Administration of the VOSS phone service is from VOSS-4-UC. VP of Product at VOSS Solutions, Bill Dellara, said that the system extends the benefits found in VOSS-4-UC. This empowers organisations to control and manage their telephony from an all-in-one intuitive web panel.

The new functionality from VOSS will allow customers to access a wider range of tools, along with operational savings and more freedom to connect old and new devices. This will be a powerful step forward for companies making the move into the cloud.

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