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Managing the Migration from Telephony to Teams

Phil Edholm

Using Communication Management Solutions to Manage Digital Transformation

As we are moving through 2021, the return to a new normal appears tantalizingly close. While this is great news for most of us, for the teams and management staff of communications in enterprises, the return will bring new challenges. The explosion in adoption of IP-based video and collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams driven by Work from Home has transformed the organization. As we return to the office, the management and operation of these multiple platforms will be a major challenge. The challenge will be expanded as we try to understand new utilization patterns and usage needs and reconcile to costs and future budgets.

One major challenge for many organizations will be to continue to have a strong telephony platform for existing use cases and frontline workers, while simultaneously offering the new services that Microsoft Teams enables. This challenge will be further increased as Microsoft rolls out its Frontline Teams solutions. Even prior to the pandemic, Gartner was reporting that the administration costs of modern UC solutions is up to 50% of the total cost. This cost of management and operations continues to climb as the complexity of both devices and user needs accelerate.

Organizations that are looking for assistance to manage these challenges will find a group of products that deliver the Operations Management of BC solutions will enable organizations to automate many of the processes and to clearly understand utilization to manage investments and licenses going forward.

Voss Solutions is a primary provider of Communications Management solutions in the UC space. To help organizations understand how a Operations Management solution can be used to implement these changes in an organization, I am partnering with Voss to present a webinar on Tuesday, March 2, at 11 AM EST and 8 AM PST. The webinar will focus on how to manage the challenging transition from existing premises telephony platforms like Cisco and Avaya to the new paradigm of Microsoft Teams. I will discuss the drivers in the industry, including how Covid is changing the game and why organizations need to plan for a much more complex communications future. The Voss team will cover how their platform enables effective management of both Teams and traditional telephony solutions. The webinar is being sponsored by BCStrategies and more info can be found here.

You can register for the webinar here.

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