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Microsoft Teams: Ensure Optimum Performance in a Hybrid World

UC and collaboration assurance solutions are the new must-haves for any organisation planning to adopt a hybrid working model

Prior to the pandemic, performance management software might have been considered a ‘nice-to-have’ by employers because they could see how their employees and equipment were operating and could solve any issues that arose there and then.  

Then, the vast majority of organisations adopted Microsoft Teams while shifting to remote working, and managers didn’t have the performance visibility they had in the office. Now, assurance solutions are a ‘must-have’ for many businesses. 

UC & collaboration assurance solutions enable employers to see how their applications, hardware or software is performing, as well as call quality, and whether people are collaborating effectively on their Microsoft Teams platform.    

“An assurance solution provides visibility across the business on how solutions are being used. It enables companies to monitor their service provider or to make sure that their tools are being used correctly, and optimises their user and collaboration experience with Microsoft Teams” explained Jamie Litherland, Solution Owner at VOSS. 

The VOSS Assurance suite provides access to actionable intelligence about a customer’s collaboration platform, enabling them to visualise and actively manage the performance and quality of their collaboration tools.  It integrates seamlessly with business applications to enable customers to make more informed decisions and improve service delivery through automation. 

Tim Jalland, Solution Manager at VOSS, added that having an assurance solution is something many organisations didn’t know they needed until most of their employees had to work remotely, and, since that migration to work from home, he has seen a “significant” increase in customers asking about the VOSS Assurance offering for Microsoft Teams environments. 

“Before, organisations working in an office environment could get by because people were physically present and you could meet and talk face-to-face with them. But now that’s just not the case, and we have seen significant interest from businesses running collaboration platforms looking for assurance to support this new business paradigm,” he elaborated. 

“Organisations are dependent on calls and video and online-sharing right now, and the use of Microsoft Teams collaboration tools is exploding, so they need insight, monitoring and performance management, and they need it to run it as a utility. But how to assure, measure, manage, troubleshoot, and action all of their Microsoft Teams collaboration services without the proper performance management tools? That’s why there’s such a lot of interest around this space now.” 

The solution is popular with VOSS’ multinational customers in the enterprise space as well as being used by managed service providers (MSPs). Litherland stated that for MSPs, the assurance solution can be deployed in many different ways to suit providers who may have multi-tenancy requirements, as well as those who require multiple levels of access.  

VOSS also helps MSPs achieve SLAs as it allows them to be proactive in fixing any problem before it becomes an issue for the customer, thereby preventing an SLA breach. 

Litherland commented, “our solution is highly configurable in that if a threshold is met, exceeded or close to being breached, a notification will automatically be generated. Therefore, it turns from something reactive where you call up your service provider to complain that your service is broken, to the VOSS solution which empowers the service provider to proactively identify and even fix the problem before it becomes an issue. As a result, SLAs are assured, and customer or employee experience is guaranteed.”   

He added:

“The VOSS Assurance suite is a very open platform allowing customers to integrate third-party business applications, such as expense management, ServiceNow or ITSM tools. This gives a single pane of glass view across the end-to-end performance of your collaboration tools – which is very useful as organisations encourage their staff to embrace Microsoft Teams collaboration tools across the digital workplace”

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