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No Jitter – April 27, 2022

In this No Jitter Roll, we cover the latest news from Poly, Lifesize, and Voss Solutions

Welcome to the Wednesday, April 27, 2022, edition of the No Jitter Roll, our regular roundup of news and product announcements. In this edition, we share news on a speakerphone for home offices, a new feature to a video interoperability service, and an update to a monitoring and managing service for Cisco Call Manager and Microsoft Teams Phone System integrations.

Voss Updates Automate Service

Digital workplace management technology provider Voss Solutions released the latest version of its automation management technology service, Voss Automate 21.3, which adds features to monitor and manage Cisco Call Manager and Microsoft Teams Phone System integrations.
Voss Automate 21.3 features include:
  • Consolidated view for subscribers: IT admins can use a dashboard to view all the users and what services are assigned to them (Cisco, Microsoft, or both). The view can be broken down to a department or site, and IT admins can search for specific users.
  • An inventory of telephone numbers: IT admins can view all telephone numbers configured across an enterprise with a single repository, which shows the user and the number associated with them. IT admins can also assign a free number to a user.
  • Integrated dial plan: IT admins can configure and manage dial plans between Microsoft Teams and Cisco Call Manager, which allows users to keep the same telephone number during a migration.
  • Migration workflow: Organizations can use Voss’s migration workflow to move users to Microsoft Teams and back either through a portal or in bulk.
  • Standard subscriber packages: IT admins can create standard user profiles for Cisco-only, Microsoft Teams-only, or both users.
  • Microsoft license reporting: IT admins can use Microsoft license reporting to monitor license usage across sites, departments, and individual units.


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