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Introducing VOSS UC Overbuild

Enabling organizations with an existing unified communications platform to simplify operations and improve user productivity, by overlaying a fully automated UC service management solution

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Monday, March 18, 2013 – Richardson, TX - VOSS Solutions today unveiled UC Overbuild, a management solution designed to optimize unified communications (UC) for organizations with an existing Enterprise UC environment in place.

UC Overbuild is a centralized UC management solution that automates all administration tasks in real-time that today are typically performed manually and with a lag time of 24-48 hours. The new offering from VOSS has a componentized architecture, which allows organizations to select the areas where they require support, and create a solution unique to their environment:

  1. Central Management
    The ITC team now has a central “command and control” console to view all of their network components, all of their users, devices and services, and all of their IPT resources, such as numbers and IP addresses. They no longer need to log into separate servers to perform a business process.
  2. Decentralized Administration
    The ICT team can also allocate a sub-set of tasks to local administrators. These local admins can perform a full range of MACDs automatically and securely through a web portal. They can even access this admin portal through a mobile device.
  3. End User Self-care
    End users can access and manage their personal phone and services settings remotely through a simple to use web portal. They can access this portal through a smart device, or a PC.

UC Overbuild will be showcased for the first time at Enterprise Connect in Orlando today, including the mobile admin and self-care portals. UC Overbuild offers a viable solution to enterprise organizations that have deployed IPT across parts of their organization, but that are yet to realize the full economic benefits of UC.

Organizations experiencing the following issues with their IPT environment will benefit from UC Overbuild:

  • Network and PSTN savings are less than expected
  • Telephony operating costs didn’t decrease as planned
  • Highly skilled staff are still caught up in administration tasks
  • UC adds new complexities, requiring new expertize
  • Upgrading to the latest UC applications can be difficult

Hanco Janse Van Rensburg, CTO, VOSS Solutions, commented; “The promise of UC is everywhere, and we have had many companies approach us with the challenge that their IPT environment is not operating efficiently, or is not delivering the financial benefits that were expected. With UC Overbuild, VOSS customers can expect to reduce the cost of delivering new services, remove the pressure from their ITC team and provide end-users with new productivity tools that will delight them.”

VOSS will be exhibiting at Enterprise Connect in Orlando, March 18 – 21, 2013. To book a meeting with VOSS, please email rachel.chicken@voss-solutions.com.



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