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VOSS Unveils Mobile Self-care for UC

Empowers End Users to Manage their UC Services in Real-time, Anywhere, Anytime

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013 – Richardson, TX - VOSS Solutions, today announced Mobile Self-care for UC; a new delivery mode that allows the full range of UC services and devices to be self-managed by end users, on most leading smartphone devices or tablets.

VOSS Mobile Self-care for UC is a plug-and-play module available to VOSS customers, delivering a secure, self-care portal that allows multiple UC applications, multiple services and multiple devices to be self-managed by end users, from their mobile device.

Importantly, Mobile Self-care for UC can be purchased as a stand-alone module, without the commitment for a full end-to-end management system.

VOSS Mobile Self-care for UC empowers end users to be able to perform their own MACDs, wherever they are, but within a centrally controlled administration environment. The central admin staff can easily change permission levels to allow the end-user to perform advanced self-administration tasks, or restrict users to limited read-only access.

This means that users can now have the ability to perform many of their own tasks in real-time that would otherwise have generated tickets for the central ITC team and taken 24 hours for the user to see the change. End-user activities can include tasks such as: activate new or upgrade UC services, change phone and UC settings (e.g. change the call forward settings, line details or speed dials on their phone), modify messaging notification settings, and single number reach profiles; add presence capabilities to devices, access mobility and conference settings, reset passwords and PINs; all in real-time and all from a highly customizable, highly intuitive, mobile self-care portal.

With the power of VOSS Mobile Self-care for UC, even local administrators can now deliver full MACDs from their mobile devices. Rather than submitting a change request and waiting patiently, the admin staff can actually walk the floor and make complex MACD changes not only in real time, but also face-to-face with the end-user.

Hanco Janse Van Rensburg, CTO, VOSS Solutions, commented; “Our customers require an increasing level if flexibility when it comes to managing UC services and applications. Giving end users mobile access to a self-care portal is an obvious evolution from VOSS, which is proving to be very popular with our existing customer base. End-user satisfaction survey results go through the roof with VOSS Mobile Self-care for UC.”

VOSS is exhibiting at Enterprise Connect in Orlando, March 18 – 21, 2013. To book a meeting with VOSS, please email rachel.chicken@voss-solutions.com.

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