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VOSS System Activity Transactions Exceed 100 Million

Each of the 100 million+ business transactions represents a customer using the VOSS platform proactively to manage their UC environment

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Thursday, June 13, 2013 – Richardson, TX – VOSS Solutions today announced that the VOSS technology has carried out over 100 million system activity transactions for its customers, and the number continues to rise fast.

VOSS surpassed the 70-million mark in December 2012. At that time, transaction volumes were growing by an average of 1 million per month. By June 2013, VOSS was averaging 6 million transactions per month. As the number of customers increases, and each customer ramps up the quantity of end-users on their platform and deploys new collaboration services to their platform, the transaction activity is forecast to grow exponentially, month on month.

Each of the 100 million+ business transactions represents a customer using the VOSS platform proactively to manage their UC environment; a transaction might entail assigning a new collaboration service to a user, or adding a new location and an entire dial plan configuration to the platform, or migrating a phone onto a new platform. Each individually recorded business transaction comprises multiple smaller workflow steps that take place behind the scenes, often configuring multiple separate systems in one step. By simplifying the administration of a UC platform in this way, VOSS allows customers to manage their complex environments much more easily and cost effectively, with far fewer operational errors.

Bulk-loading, using VOSS’ recently announced operational excellence tools and processes, allows customers to on-board users rapidly. Using these new capabilities, customer administrators process thousands of business tasks in a single automated upload; greatly simplifying the process of migrating and deploying multiple devices, users, features, services and settings to a new communications platform. The VOSS operational excellence tools enable customers to use automation to rapidly deploy new customer sites, new gateways, and new SIP trunks to their platform at the touch of a button.

Henry Barton, VP Strategy at VOSS, commented; “We have always believed that transaction volumes are a powerful measurement of the use of VOSS technology in the marketplace today, and it’s exciting to see that as our customers mature, their activity on the VOSS platform, as predicted, is increasing at an impressive rate. At 6 million transactions a month, that’s saving those IT managers a huge amount of staff time and effort, and cutting their organization’s operating costs accordingly”.

About VOSS Solutions
VOSS provides a world class fulfillment platform for service providers and large enterprises to successfully deliver collaboration services in the public and private cloud. VOSS enables customers to activate and manage enterprise collaboration services in real time through secure, role based portals. In this way, VOSS empowers organizations to profit from cloud-based enterprise communications, by simplifying its design, delivery and management.

Deployed by more Tier-1 service providers than any other UC management system, VOSS provides UC&C service fulfillment across multiple networks (fixed and wireless), and supports multi-device users (desk/soft/smart phones, tablets), as well as “bring-your-own” models.

Based in Richardson in Texas, Reading in the UK, and Cape Town in South Africa, VOSS is funded by Intel Capital, Eden Ventures and XAnge Private Equity. Our solutions have been deployed by prominent companies across the world.

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