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VOSS Extends Analytics Scope to Support CUCDM 8 and VOSS-4-UC, with Significant Feature Enhancements

Latest Generation VOSS Analytics Supports All Versions of VOSS-4-UC and CUCDM - Giving Company Wide View of UC Consumption, Activity Levels and Resource Utilization

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Tuesday September 27, 2016 - Richardson, TX - Today, VOSS Solutions announced the latest edition of its Analytics product; an intuitive web-based portal allowing administrators to quickly retrieve and analyze information about UC users, devices, services, licenses and transactions.

The scope of VOSS Analytics has been extended so that it supports CUCDM 8, as well as the latest edition of the UC management platform; VOSS-4-UC and CUCDM 10. In addition, VOSS Analytics has been upgraded in three significant areas, to provide an enhanced set of features to users.

Increasingly, end-customers are demanding insight into UC consumption and adoption of UC services. This has put a significant burden on UC providers to generate and deliver these reports manually. With the latest developments from VOSS, providers are now able to extend access to the VOSS Analytics product to their customer base. A newly introduced role-based access control capability gives providers the ability to grant customer access to VOSS Analytics, to view the reports that are relevant to them. This is proving to reduce the provider’s workload and generate new streams of revenue.

VOSS Analytics is also designed to make billing very simple. Providers can now define custom licenses within VOSS Analytics, and then run reports at a user level to see which licenses are being consumed. This latest functionality is the industry’s most straightforward and fastest way to allow billing for phones and UC services.

Another sought-after feature has been the ability to see all changes that occur within a specific date range. VOSS Analytics new “Service Change History” functionality provides exactly this; giving providers a list of all changes with dates, type of change and old-vs-new values. This powerful feature is not only critical for accurate billing, it is also essential for providers that would like to see the change history for users and their services, phones and licenses.

Bill Dellara, VP Product at VOSS Solutions, commented; "There are a number of service providers and enterprises that continue to utilize the 8.X versions of our technology while they transition to the latest generation. These customers will now be able to realize the same benefits and insight from VOSS Analytics as those that have already adopted VOSS-4-UC and CUCDM 10."

Derek Smith, Product Marketing Manager at VOSS Solutions, added; "VOSS Analytics is proving increasingly popular among VOSS-4-UC and CUCDM customers. With this latest version, organizations get a much better understanding of UC consumption, activity levels and resource utilization across their various customers, sites and users."

VOSS Analytics is offered as a value-added module for the VOSS-4-UC management platform and for Cisco Unified Communication Domain Manager (CUCDM).

For further information, please request access to a recent webcast, or download the datasheet.


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