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Hunting Rogue WiFi Devices Using HackRF SDR

VOSS to Host Next OWASP Meetup for Cape Town IT Specialists

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Cape Town - Today, VOSS Solutions announced that the company will host the next OWASP Meetup at its headquarters in Cape Town.

Mike Davis, a passionate software-defined radio enthusiast who is currently pursuing his MSc in Information Security, will deliver the presentation. Mike will explain how rogue WiFi access points present a serious security risk to today's connected society. He will show how devices such as the Hak5 Pineapple, ESP8266-based 'throwies', or people with the right WiFi card and software, can be used to intercept users' traffic and steal their credentials. Mike will talk about the difficulty in finding these rogue devices without specialised equipment. Finally, he will discuss the work he has been doing over the past year, to use the HackRF SDR as an RF direction-finding device, with the goal of hunting down various malicious RF devices, including car remote jammers.

VOSS will host the seminar at its HQ in Cape Town. Attendance is free of charge but spaces are limited, so registration in advance is highly recommended.

To find out more about VOSS’ participation, please email info@voss-solutions.com.


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