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VOSS Announces Three New Direct Customers Through the H.O.M.E Program


Tuesday November 28, 2017 - Richardson, TX - Today, VOSS Solutions reported on the progress of the company's H.O.M.E  (HCS Open Management Evolution) program; an initiative that supports HCS partners as they transition from CUCDM (Cisco Unified Communications Domain Manager) to the more feature-rich VOSS-4-UC solution from VOSS.

In early 2017, Cisco evolved the Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS) strategy, opening up the HCS architecture to new ecosystem components. Since then, Cisco HCS partners have been able to leverage VOSS-4-UC to differentiate themselves within an increasingly competitive market.  

The VOSS H.O.M.E program was designed to support Cisco HCS partners' transition from CUCDM, the primary incumbent management platform for the 130+ HCS Partners worldwide, to VOSS-4-UC, ranked the world's #1 UC operational management platform. Throughout 2017, VOSS has been actively working with HCS partners to formalize a direct relationship with VOSS and to move from CUCDM to the enhanced VOSS-4-UC platform.

In addition to some early adopters in first half 2017, VOSS has recently completed H.O.M.E transitions for three global service provider leaders in the UK, USA, and APAC respectively. Many other H.O.M.E projects are in progress around the world, to be finalized before the end of the year.  

While every HCS Partner may have unique needs and reasons for moving directly to VOSS-4-UC, these latest three customers identified an exciting list of additional features which led them to transition from CUCDM to VOSS-4-UC:  

  • A Contact Center Adaptation has enabled the management of both Cisco HCS and Contact Center operations from a single pane of glass administration console
  • Integration with third party tools supports Cisco Shared Architecture capabilities
  • An improved business administration portal, providing intuitive day-2 capabilities for non-technical administrators which a totally redesigned user experience
  • Powerful API in VOSS-4-UC enables integration with third party applications to provide end-to-end flow-through provisioning from point of sale to subscriber turnup  
  • Access to VOSS MiGR8-2-UC and direct VOSS support has radically simplified the process of bulk migrating end customers off older UC platforms that are being retired

All organizations that have followed the H.O.M.E program recognize the value of transitioning from CUCDM to VOSS-4-UC as it frees HCS partners to adapt the highly flexible UC management platform to suit their needs and enhance their product offering. The H.O.M.E program not only takes care of the transition process to VOSS-4-UC, unlocking direct commercial and technical support from VOSS, it also ensures HCS partners can maximise their existing investment in Cisco CUCDM by transferring previously acquired licenses.

Van Hammond, Product Manager for H.O.M.E at VOSS Solutions, commented; "There are many reasons why CUCDM customers are following the H.O.M.E program to transition to VOSS-4-UC. Not only does VOSS-4-UC include all existing functionality CUCDM currently offers, but there is so much more for HCS Partners to benefit from, such as coordinated management for Spark Hybrid, improved reporting, data mining and troubleshooting with VOSS Analytics, VOSS Assurance, customized UC management to better align with operational processes and integrate with back office systems, and also UC management of both Cisco and Microsoft UC."
Mike Frayne, CEO at VOSS, added; "Personally, I am really pleased that the H.O.M.E transition program is opening up such strong direct relationships with HCS customers so we can engage to establish what they need to be more successful and then fully unlock the power of their HCS platforms with VOSS. On the whole, H.O.M.E transitions are being driven by a demand from HCS partners for enhanced and differentiated capabilities above and beyond the services offered by CUCDM. We are delighted to be able to effectively and quickly deliver new and customer specific functionality to those who transition to VOSS-4-UC, that makes a positive impact on their business."
Organizations wishing to learn more about the VOSS H.O.M.E program are encouraged to contact VOSS directly: info@voss-solutions.com.