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VOSS Takes the Stage at Next OWASP Meetup

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Tuesday September 26, 2017 - Cape Town - Today, VOSS Solutions announced that VOSS employee, Liam Smit, will lead the next OWASP Meetup at the VOSS headquarters in Cape Town.

The workshop, entitled "Understanding and Dealing with Zero Days", will take a deep dive into the concept of a zero-day vulnerability, which is a computer-software weakness unknown to those who would be interested in addressing the risk. Until a zero-day vulnerability is mitigated, hackers can exploit it to adversely affect computer programs, data, additional computers or a network.

Liam will compare zero-days to non-zero days, and look at how patches can be quickly reverse-engineered to discover the original exploit.

VOSS will host the seminar at its HQ in Cape Town. Attendance is free of charge but spaces are limited, so registration in advance is highly recommended.

To find out more about VOSS' participation, please email info@voss-solutions.com.