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VOSS Transition Program Shows Great Momentum

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Wednesday June 27 - Richardson, TX - Today, VOSS Solutions issued an update on the progress of the company’s H.O.M.E (HCS Open Management Evolution) program; an initiative that supports Cisco HCS partners as they transition from CUCDM (Cisco Unified Communications Domain Manager) to the more feature-rich VOSS-4-UC solution from VOSS.

VOSS published its first H.O.M.E update November 2017, reporting that three global service provider customers had completed H.O.M.E transitions.

Today, VOSS reported that 33% of the organizations with production HCS platforms have made the decision to transition from CUCDM to VOSS-4-UC. As a result, more than 500,000 production end user devices (EUDs) have already moved from CUCDM to be managed in production by VOSS-4-UC. In total, there are active transition plans to move 42% of all the production HCS EUDs to VOSS-4-UC managed platforms.

Mike Frayne, CEO at VOSS Solutions, commented; "HCS partners are seeking a combination of enhanced capabilities and a low-risk transition that minimizes the impact on their operational capabilities, and importantly improves but simultaneously maintains their end customers’ experience. VOSS-4-UC is the only OPA vendor able to deliver the additional features and capabilities the market needs, and at the same time manage the transitional risks so that the HCS partners can evolve to the new HCS reference architecture in a controlled, seamless manner."

Another major advantage for the companies that have chosen VOSS-4-UC over other vendors, is business continuity. HCS partners that have followed the H.O.M.E program have described the transition to VOSS-4-UC as more of an "evolution" than a risky, rip-and-replace "revolution".

Van Hammond, Product Manager for H.O.M.E at VOSS Solutions, commented; "Organizations can expect VOSS-4-UC to provide all of the existing functionality in CUCDM, but with so much more, such as coordinated management for Spark Hybrid, improved reporting, data mining and troubleshooting with VOSS Analytics, contextual insight with VOSS Assurance, customized UC management to better align with operational processes and integrate with back office systems, and also UC management of both Cisco and Microsoft UC."

Mike Frayne, CEO at VOSS, added; "We are delighted to be working so closely with these important HCS partners, to move them safely onto the VOSS-4-UC platform. The fact that we are able to carry out these transitions for such enormous accounts quickly and effectively, is testament to our deep service provider domain knowledge, industry leading technology, and the strong technical ability of our team."

Organizations wishing to learn more about the VOSS H.O.M.E program are encouraged to contact VOSS directly: info@voss-solutions.com.