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VOSS Announces ServiceNow Integration for VOSS-4-UC

January 21, 2019

Reduces service response times, improves user experience and drives efficiency for organizations managing large scale UC deployments

Richardson, TX – Today, VOSS Solutions announced its newest integration which consumes and actions service requests that originate from ServiceNow, into VOSS-4-UC.

ServiceNow modernizes an organization’s approach to service management, delivering measurable benefits in service desk efficiency, improvements to IT productivity, and a general reduction in incidents due to incorrect configuration and errors. Users enjoy a better experience through a well-known interface for all their service requests, including those for UC and collaboration.

Tim Jalland, Proposition Lead at VOSS Solutions commented; “ServiceNow is increasingly popular in the unified communications arena, and many of our customers and prospects are approaching VOSS with the desire to integrate their UC management platform with their ServiceNow instance. It really simplifies a whole range of common service requests, such as resetting passwords and replacing phones. With the latest integration from VOSS between VOSS-4-UC and ServiceNow, this is now a reality.”

Key features of the VOSS ServiceNow Integration include:

  • Inbox – VOSS Automate regularly synchronizes with the ServiceNow solution, and then loads new service requests into the Inbox. These requests are filtered – those that are in an Open (unresolved) status and are in the service request Catalog are then scheduled for processing. The Inbox also provides a convenient view, with filters and the ability to search and sort, to view the list of requests made from ServiceNow.
  • Catalog – The list of requests that are supported on the deployment. These typically represent the list of common service requests made through the existing service desk which are then configured into VOSS Automate. The latter involves mapping the relevant tables and information fields on the ServiceNow side with those within VOSS Automate.
  • Provisioning – Once identified, requests are scheduled and processed – invoking VOSS Automate workflows. Note that each workflow may provision several parameters and devices within the UC service.
  • Notification – Once complete, a service request is updated (status) to Closed and a relevant status stamp made – aside from a status update this might include additional information provided during the provisioning action (such as a telephone number assigned to a new subscriber).
  • RESTful API – Communication between the ServiceNow and VOSS Automate takes place over a secure HTTPS connection and across a Restful API.
  • Audit – All service requests that are processed are recorded in the VOSS Automate Transaction Log, providing an audit trail for reporting purposes. Should a request fail then this is rolled back and again recorded in the log to provide full visibility.
  • Billing – Where service requests are made for billable changes, these may be reported dynamically and automatically northbound into a suitable billing platform for timely and accurate raising of charges. This capability requires the VOSS Billing Integration Module (NBI).
  • Access control – Access to VOSS Automate is controlled using secure credentials. Access to the Inbox is controlled through VOSS Automate RBAC.
  • Diagnostics and reporting – Transaction Log shows provisioning action from individual service requests. Inbox shows status and information on each request, and collaboration (UC) systems that are in use by these organizations.     

VOSS ServiceNow Integration delivers a positive customer experience through a familiar, easy-to-use interface from any device and any place while improving service quality by removing manual tasks, duplication, and fulfillment delays with automated workflows. Serious outages resulting from errors and misconfiguration are reduced, and user satisfaction increases by keeping users informed with status updates and notifications about their requests.

Dan Payne, CTO at VOSS Solutions, added; “The VOSS Automate integration with ServiceNow dovetails with a customer’s existing business processes and approvals which means that the transition to a much more holistic view of your business performance is achieved quickly and with minimal impact.”

For more information on VOSS ServiceNow Integration, please email [email protected].