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VOSS Issues Update on CUCDM End of Life Announcement

February 19, 2019

Encourages Cisco HCS Partners to Transition to VOSS-4-UC to Protect Their Investment and to Access More Agile UC Management Framework

Richardson, TX – Today, VOSS Solutions issued guidance to Cisco HCS Partners following Cisco announcing End of Sale for Cisco Unified Communications Domain Manager (CUCDM) as of February 12, 2019 and then End of Life 24 months after that.

As of February 12, 2019, Cisco HCS Partners cannot purchase HCS domain management licenses from Cisco and must purchase expansion licenses directly from VOSS to remain compliant with the terms of their license agreement.

Since Cisco first announced the end of life for CUCDM in August 2018, VOSS has been working closely with Cisco HCS Partners to safely transition their UC management platform over to VOSS Automate. Because the End of Sale date has passed and End of Life is imminent, HCS Partners must quickly make plans to keep their investment current to enable new users and customers to be added to their system. Additionally, as End of Life approaches, HCS Partners will need to have fully transitioned off Cisco’s CUCM domain manager to ensure ongoing support for the management layer of their HCS platform.

VOSS has reached commercial agreements and converted more than 50% of the HCS community’s users and is working with these Partners to upgrade their infrastructure to VOSS Automate, unlocking access to exciting new services and integration alternatives that weren’t available in CUCDM. The extensive UC management capabilities offered by VOSS Automate, and underpinned by the VOSS dynamic communications workflow automation framework, ensure that HCS Partners can achieve unprecedented levels of automation of their UC environment, in an agile and highly dynamic way.

For HCS Partners that have not yet started their transition to VOSS Automate via the H.O.M.E program, VOSS has launched a web portal to simplify the license purchase process via a “Click to Accept” license agreement. This functionality allows Partners to quickly purchase incremental VOSS licenses for their HCS infrastructure without the need for lengthy contracts or legal discussions. By taking advantage of the Click to Accept process, Cisco HCS Partners also have the option to convert their existing CUCDM licenses and maintenance direct to VOSS. For more information about the VOSS Click to Accept the agreement, please email [email protected].

Van Hammond, Product Manager for H.O.M.E at VOSS Solutions, commented; “Time has not run out for HCS Partners looking to transition to VOSS Automate. However, if Cisco HCS Partners do not make the transition to VOSS Automate, they will soon be unable to purchase new licenses or grow their HCS infrastructure. In order to add new subscribers and customers, and in order to preserve their investment in management while at the same time maintaining the end user’s experience of their UCaaS, I encourage Cisco HCS Partners to move to a direct relationship with VOSS via our H.O.M.E program. To make this transition as easy as possible, we are pleased to announce our new commercial Click to Accept agreement, allowing Partners to quickly purchase new VOSS licenses with an option to convert all their licenses directly to VOSS.”

Cisco HCS Partners that make the move to VOSS-4-UC by following the VOSS H.O.M.E program receive all the existing functionality in CUCDM plus so much more, such as coordinated management for Webex Teams Hybrid, customized UC management to better align with operational processes and integrate with back office systems, and also UC management of Cisco, Broadsoft, and Microsoft UC. With VOSS-4-UC, HCS Partners also benefit from new modules, such as VOSS Northbound IntegrationVOSS ServiceNow IntegrationVOSS Insights and VOSS Analytics for extended integration capabilities, monitoring, troubleshooting, data mining, and access to contextual insight and improved reporting.

To date, 1.7 million end user devices have been moved from CUCDM to VOSS Automate. 50% of all Cisco HCS Partners are either in the process of transitioning or have transitioned to VOSS Automate. In total, there are active transition plans to move 65% of all the production HCS EUDs to a VOSS Automate managed platform.

A key driver for HCS Partners to choose VOSS Automate is their growing interest in differentiating their offering to the UCaaS market. All end customers that choose to consume their UC as a service expect the cost and time-saving benefits of a standard cloud-based solution, but also require a certain level of customization to suit their business processes and workflows. With more than 100 adaptations delivered to HCS partners to date, VOSS enables an organization to tailor the sophisticated VOSS-4-UC operations management platform to suit the specific needs of the business, without complex, labor-intensive coding or the associated time and budget implications. These adaptations mean that Cisco HCS partners can easily differentiate their UCaaS offering, to create custom UC environments that suit particular business cases, depending on the organization’s size, industry, and geography.

HCS Partners wishing to learn more about the VOSS H.O.M.E program are encouraged to contact VOSS directly: [email protected].