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VOSS Unveils M2UC – Latest Generation of UC Migration Software

October 8, 2019

Enables fast, efficient and error free migration to latest UC solutions available

Richardson, TX – Today, VOSS Solutions announced the general availability of its latest UC migration software, for use by Service Providers and Enterprise organizations for migrating legacy telephony systems to the latest UC solutions.

VOSS Migrate incorporates a highly sophisticated migration engine that uses a revolutionary methodology to discover, extract, transform, validate, and load large volumes of users, devices and UC services, to enable organizations to rapidly and efficiently carry out UC migration and consolidation projects. By introducing a high level of automation across the migration lifecycle, VOSS Migrate handles largescale and complex data sets and introduces transformation rules, to reduce the reliance on manual processes, ad-hoc tools and disjointed mechanisms, and to ensure a seamless, secure and efficient migration.

VOSS Migrate offers significant new features to organizations to enable them to manage the most complex of migration scenarios, including:

  • Project containers enables teams to manage multiple migration projects simultaneously using just one installation of Migrate
  • Flexible data schema design uses PostgreSQLv10 plus new JSONB database, unlocking hyper-fast data searching and data processing, improved storage efficiency, and an optimal blend of SQL and dynamic schema management
  • New rules / tool framework allows full flexibility for mapping and transforming fields as part of the migration process, providing full automation to streamline the process and eliminate errors
  • Improved batching and error handling with and the ability to rapidly diagnose issues and roll-back if required, improves the scheduling and roll-out of new UC solutions
  • A new user-friendly and intuitive GUI design allows new users of the product to come rapidly up-to-speed and enjoy the benefits of Migrate

Henry Barton, VP Operations Strategy at VOSS, commented; “We are very proud of the powerful nature of VOSS Migrate, and the value it will bring to our customers. VOSS Migrate is the latest generation of migration technology from VOSS, addressing the significant complexity of a UC migration, and offering some essential advantages that set us apart from any other migration tools on the market.”

The benefits of VOSS Migrate include:

  • Delivers a better and more controlled customer migration experience with a faster time to benefit, and provides high levels of automation around the migration process to increase accuracy and confidence, with the option to fully audit the data, sign-off and process ahead of time
  • Improves efficiency and reduces the demand on internal, skilled and scarce technical resources, and reduces risk by implementing a predictable, robust rules-based migration process
  • Mitigates serious outages resulting from errors and misconfiguration, and protects data security and integrity through access control, audit logging and robust database storage
  • Facilitates planning by using thorough deep data analysis and quality review of source systems and provides flexibility to cater for a wide range of customer-specific migration scenarios and requirements

Henry Barton continued; “our early customers using VOSS Migrate have all seen benefits in faster migration rates where users take advantage of the new UC solution earlier, reductions in project risk, delays, and labor costs associated with the migration”.

To find out more about VOSS Migrate, please email: [email protected].

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