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VOSS and Microsoft Launch Partner Pivot Program

Microsoft teams up with VOSS to empower Partners to ease customer transition to cloud-based phone and collaboration solutions 

Richardson TX – Tuesday September 27, 2022 – Today, VOSS Solutions, the leading provider of digital workplace management technology announced, in partnership with Microsoft, the launch of the Partner Pivot Program.

What is the partner pivot program?

The Partner Pivot Program is designed for Service Provider and Managed Service Provider partners that have UCaaS and managed services platforms based on outdated or legacy technologies. The program helps them to pivot their existing end customer base on these platforms to Microsoft’s cloud-based collaboration environment. The overall program objective is for Partners to successfully retain and grow existing customers by transitioning them to newer and better solutions. The Partner Pivot Program includes a range of planning and enablement services, a proven automated migration path to move end customers to the cloud, and the VOSS award-winning UC performance management and automation management toolset.

Hybrid and flexible working practices have permanently changed the way end customers expect their collaboration and phone services to be delivered. Partners are faced with a challenging path to navigate. With older hosting platforms becoming obsolete, end customers  are seeking alternative, more agile, cloud-based solutions for their collaboration and phone service and if the Partners do not successfully provide a cohesive transition path to the desired solutions, they risk significant customer churn.
Tim Jalland, Microsoft Solution Manager at VOSS.

Seizing the market opportunity

In recent years, VOSS has seen a huge number of  customers move to the cloud for their collaboration needs, as the lure of advanced automation unlocks efficiency, accuracy, and self-service options. These customers are now looking to move their phone service to the cloud as well, to achieve the same cost and time saving benefits.

For Service Providers, customer retention is the priority if relationships and revenue are to be maintained. The Partner Pivot Program from VOSS and Microsoft addresses this need, empowering Partners to offer their customers a clear, easy, and risk-free path to the cloud, for both phone and collaboration services.

How is Microsoft involved?

VOSS is working in conjunction with Microsoft on this joint program for Partners, enabling them to sell, deploy, and operate cloud phone services designed around Microsoft Teams. In turn, Partners can retain and expand their existing customer base as well as target new market segments. Their customers will benefit from a move to the cloud, while building a foundation on the world’s leading collaboration platform and taking advantage of their existing investment in Microsoft 365 licenses.

“Microsoft Teams has established itself as the platform of choice for enterprise collaboration. Many customers are now in the process of consolidating their telephony needs onto Microsoft Teams Phone to provide an all-in-one UC experience. For Partners, this poses a challenge as customers churn, but also an opportunity for those equipped with a modern management capability such as VOSS. We are excited to be working together with VOSS, to offer Partners a compelling migration path to the cloud.”
Christopher Martini, responsible for strategic partner recruiting for Teams solutions at Microsoft

What is the value of VOSS?

VOSS provides Partners with highly intuitive automation management and performance management, enabling them to administer cloud collaboration services alongside any traditional on-premises telephony platforms from a single point of control. Further, VOSS empowers Partners to automate the process of fully migrating to Microsoft cloud in an easy and cost-efficient, and secure way. For Partners interested in this program, the benefits include:

  • Consolidate existing hosting platforms to rationalize services
  • Increase efficiency, reduce costs, and relieve the burden on highly skilled technical staff with automation
  • Target new SMB segments in a fast and profitable way with zero touch administration
  • Upsell and deploy new customer features and capabilities with intuitive workflows
  • Move customers to Microsoft Teams Phone in a managed and non-disruptive way
  • Improve prospective customer feedback and win ratios with support and assistance including advice, trials, and best practice on customer solution design
  • Improve customer engagement and reduce service desk calls through a self-service portal

To learn more about the Partner Pivot Program from VOSS and Microsoft, please click here or contact us.