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Successful IT Leaders Take a Proactive Approach to Managing their UC Applications and Services

New report from Metrigy finds that a combined automation and performance management approach is required to reduce UC complexity

Thursday May 25, 2023 – Reading UK – Today, VOSS Solutions, the award-winning provider of digital workplace management technology shared findings from a recent Metrigy report, entitled: “The Real-World Benefits of UC Management Tools”.

The report, authored by Irwin Lazar, President and Principal Analyst at Metrigy, analyzed data from Metrigy’s Workplace Collaboration: 2023-2024 Global Study of 440 end-user organizations. It explains that IT leaders face ever-increasing UC complexity and consequently, ever-rising costs. Lazar cites many contributing factors, including the move from on-premises to cloud, the need to support hybrid working, the drive for voice and video to be integrated into desktop and mobile devices, and the desire to offer staff multi-vendor UC tools.

The study investigates the use of third-party specialty UC management tools, and how they deliver real-world benefits by increasing visibility into voice and video performance by enabling the rationalization of multiple UC operational teams into a single team. They achieve this by utilizing a single management tool across multiple UC platforms and by delivering higher levels of automation and self service. This reduces time and costs associated with day-to-day platform management tasks.

Metrigy advises that IT leaders should take a proactive approach to managing their UC applications and services and should opt for management tools that support both UC automation management and UC performance management, which are both multi-vendor centric and can cover the entire UC stack. By doing so, organizations will be able to mix and match technologies to deliver the most business value while minimizing operating costs and managing complexity.

The report explains that UC management tool providers vary in their capabilities, with some only offering performance management and hence visibility into the underlying data network , some offering only provisioning and administrative management. A table is included to compare third party UC management tools, showing VOSS as the only vendor to offer both automation and performance management, overarching multi-vendor UC tools from Avaya, Cisco, Microsoft, and Zoom, and across both UC and contact center estates.

Metrigy report - comparison table of UC Administration and Performance Management Vendors

As a conclusion, the report lays out some key findings, advising IT leaders to:

  • Deploy specialty third-party administrative, performance, and network management tools that deliver unified visibility into performance of multiple applications
  • Consider tools that unify administration, performance, and network management and that support AI for automation, fault isolation, and recovery
  • Integrate management tools into IT service management, employee onboarding, identity management, and other platforms to reduce operational overhead
  • Ensure that management tools support not only UC applications, but also underlying network services as well as PSTN connectivity

To learn more about how VOSS can support an organization’s UC automation and UC performance management requirements, please email [email protected].