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VOSS Introduces PSTN Automation for Cloud Calling

Streamlining the administration and reporting of PSTN services and telephone numbers for Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, and other cloud calling solutions

Reading UK – Tuesday April 18, 2023 – Today, VOSS Solutions, the leading provider of digital workplace management technology announced an enhancement to the VOSS portfolio to include PSTN Automation. This enables service providers to automate the end to end provisioning, activation, billing, and reporting of telephony services for cloud calling platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, and Zoom Phone.

Tim Jalland, Solution Manager at VOSS, explained; “This feature capability from VOSS allows service providers to tap into customer demand in the rapidly growing market for cloud calling. New service offers can be introduced quickly and delivered in a streamlined and highly efficient way”.

VOSS PSTN Automation removes the complexity around delivering PSTN services to customers, by eradicating expensive DIY approaches associated with new cloud provisioning APIs. It also replaces the many manual steps with automation, removing technical silos, custom commands, scripts and portals.

For these service providers, PSTN automation provides the foundation to introduce value added services, such as cloud tenant and user management, integration of fixed and mobile, self-service customer administration and automatic call handling in disaster recovery situations. This will drive new revenue streams and create service differentiation for Service Providers.

Business Value

VOSS PSTN Automation unlocks a host of benefits for service providers, including:

  • Proven automation – accelerate the launch of new PSTN services, that can be delivered in a highly efficient way, opening up new markets in cloud calling and sectors such as small & medium business
  • Holistic end-to-end view – integrate into existing order management and billing systems, with configuration to adapt to the needs and processes of each individual provider
  • Streamlining – automate existing customer and user on-boarding to reduce time to revenue, through intuitive multi-step workflows
  • Simplicity – access a centralized and single point of control and view across the entire customer base, including the management and allocation of PSTN numbers
  • Integration – link into existing PSTN infrastructure and assets, to maximize existing investments, retain ownership of value, and fully realize service margins
  • Reporting – regular extraction of call detail information to provide insight into call analytics and performance – including uploading into cloud calling platforms
  • Feature currency – as part of VOSS continuous development, take advantage of access to the latest in cloud calling features and APIs – available and presented through the VOSS portfolio without the need to adopt any DIY approach
  • Upsell opportunity – provides a foundation to upsell innovation, differentiation and value added capabilities to drive average revenue per customer

To learn more about VOSS PSTN Automation, please email [email protected].

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