VOSS for Banking & Finance

Automated and agile digital workplace management for the global banking and finance industry, to simplify the administration of multi-vendor UC and collaboration services, on-premises and in the cloud.

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Digital workplace management technology for the banking and finance industry

Digital business transformation is affecting all types of global enterprises including the finance industry. There has never been more pressure on a bank’s or financial institutions IT team to deliver an agile UC and collaboration infrastructure that can meet tough demands:

  • Changes to the way employees work and their geographical locations. This requires  support for remote and hybrid working environments with expectations for effective communication solutions.
  • Fluctuating demands on the call center need to be managed, to enable the organization to scale teams as needed with ease.
  • New best-of-breed technologies that speed and improve collaboration must be seamlessly integrated into existing business processes to assist in multiple areas of the business.
  • Customer experience must be addressed, to meet the evolving needs of end users that expect real-time changes to services, and immediate problem resolution.

Customer success stories

VOSS for Banks

The bank was operating a multi-cluster voice infrastructure, based on legacy software, with no centralized management. Administration was carried out manually, with each branch responsible for its own area of the network.

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VOSS for Financial Services

This global Financial Services company with 20,000 digital workplace users approached VOSS with the requirement to introduce automation and zero-touch workflows on Microsoft Teams.

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VOSS Solutions

VOSS Automate

VOSS Automate

Digital orchestration platform

VOSS Automate is the world’s most advanced digital orchestration platform, deployed by service providers and enterprise organizations in the retail, manufacturing, finance, government, and health arenas, to manage their digital workplace. Our award-winning technology comprises an extensive array of automation management capabilities and pre-integration with other business applications, enabling you to create customized workflows that significantly lower your operating costs and meet your business needs now and as they evolve in the future.

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VOSS Insights

Assurance and analytics

VOSS Insights gives you access to actionable intelligence about your digital workplace strategy, enabling you to visualize and actively manage the performance and quality of your collaboration tools, across the lifecycle. We help you to optimize your business and operational performance while increasing user adoption, saving time and money. Integrating seamlessly with your business applications, VOSS Insights empowers you to resolve problems faster, make better, more informed decisions, and improve service delivery through automation.

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VOSS Insights
VOSS Migrate

VOSS Migrate

Discovery, migrations and transitions

VOSS Migrate is a highly sophisticated, big data transformation suite that has been designed to carry out communications platform audits and digital workplace migration projects. We use a revolutionary methodology to discover, extract, transform, validate, and load large volumes of data to automate a collaboration migration, enabling you to avoid lengthy, high-budget, high-risk, manual migrations. We put you in control of your transition, empowering you to optimize functionality and processes during the migration, to ensure a seamless roll-out and rapid adoption.

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Reap the rewards

Full control

Highly automated implementation of your digital workplace strategy, giving you full control of the process

Peace of mind

Seamless integration into other business systems, for a holistic view and deep understanding of your platform and its performance


Automated management to introduce zero-touch processes, fuel adoption and satisfaction, and make cost and operational efficiencies

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With such radical changes to our working practices, the drive for business transformation is creating a new way of working.  See how VOSS can help.

Metrigy report

Metrigy explains that successful digital transformation projects must include UC&C management technology to deliver automation.

Award winner

VOSS beats competition to be crowned the winner of Best Service Management Platform at the UC Awards 2022.