VOSS PSTN Automation for Cloud Calling

Streamline the management and reporting  of PSTN services and telephone numbers for Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, Zoom Phone, and more! 

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PSTN automation designed for operators

VOSS PSTN Automation enables operators to automate the provisioning, activation, billing, and reporting of PSTN service delivery to their end customers’ cloud telephony solutions, such as Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, and Zoom Phone. 

This innovation from VOSS empowers operators to accelerate the launch of new PSTN services for cloud calling to enterprises in an automated, cost effective, and repeatable manner.

Why VOSS for PSTN Automation?

Remove the complexity around delivering PSTN services to customers, by eradicating expensive DIY approaches

Streamline your number management process – faster and lower cost than manual processes

Create a foundation to introduce value added services and drive new revenue streams

Replace manual steps with automation, removing technical silos, commands, scripts and portals

Introduce service differentiation in areas such as cloud tenant and user management, integration of fixed and mobile, and disaster recovery

Access intuitive reporting in real-time – respond to change quickly

Carriers should evaluate tools like VOSS’s PSTN automation for their ability to reduce provisioning time and cost, and reduce ongoing operational expense through automating of reporting and billing.

Irwin Lazar, President & Principal Analyst, Metrigy

Key features

Single stage

Single stage for range of cloud calling services – multi-vendor, customer choice


Centralized point of control for key assets and services – fixed, cloud and mobile

Holistic view

Holistic management view of number inventory –  allocation, reservation, status, usage


Integration into operator CRM, billing, and numbering systems

Rapid onboarding

Workflows for rapid customer onboarding and to manage number ranges

Real time billing

Accurate, up-to-date, real time link into billing to reduce revenue leakage

CDR uploads

Automated uploading of CDR records for end to end reporting on quality


Customer up-sell pathway for full cloud tenant management and managed services


Support for alternate routing configuration for disaster recovery

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