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Customize your UC platform to suit your exact needs without complex, labor-intensive coding

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Pain-Free Customization

VOSS enables your organization to leverage sophisticated UC operational management capabilities and tailor them to the specific needs of your business – without complex, labor-intensive coding and the associated time and budget implications. We abstract and virtualize the operational control panel, so you can manage, coordinate, and optimize all aspects of service delivery without the need for coding.

For years, operational teams have been hamstrung by their traditional UC operational management platforms, which require complex, time-consuming coding for virtually every aspect of customization. This complexity makes it costly and difficult for organizations to adapt the automation layer to their business requirements, placing an increasingly substantial burden on the agility and efficiency of the business as a whole.

What we offer

VOSS offers a clearly differentiated alternative to traditional UC operational management platforms. With VOSS, UC operational teams can complete their initial deployments quickly and easily (out-of-the-box), but then they can efficiently adapt the automation processes to the specific and evolving needs of their business without the need for re-coding.

The VOSS Services team can rapidly adapt VOSS data and device models, configuration templates, orchestration workflows and IT integrations, all within a highly agile, core product framework, to better match your business requirements.


The adaptation of VOSS Automate will not only increase the level of end-to-end automation of your operational processes, genuinely lowering your TCO, but it will also allow your communications platform to be much more dynamic. The ability to introduce new services or improve features will be much easier, faster, and can be achieved in the knowledge that these business changes can be incorporated into the company’s standard operational use cases without the need for manual workarounds.

Critically, any adaptation of the underlying models, templates, workflow, etc. of your VOSS-4-UC system will not affect the support and maintenance of the solution architecture. And, the agile VOSS framework ensures that any customer-specific adaptation does not break the ability of VOSS, and its partners, to support and maintain the solution architecture.

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