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In the last two years, the working environment for contact center employees has changed immeasurably

Does your contact center team have the UC and collaboration tools that they need to be successful in their role?

Is it affecting their productivity, or their performance, or their ability to collaborate and innovate?

What impact is this having on your business?

VOSS Contact Center Management gives you administrative efficiency, a central point of control, and insight into cloud-delivered and on-premises contact center software solutions, replacing what historically was a fragmented blend of manual effort, disparate management applications, and spreadsheets.

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Contact center management from VOSS

What’s included?

VOSS Contact Center Management offers a range of management capabilities including:


Coordinated, configurable management alongside other UC offerings


Quality and performance metrics, and reporting


Control of service profiles, and accurate tracking and billing of agents

Key features

VOSS Contact Center Management provides:

Dynamic and flexible solution

Quickly add / remove / reallocate agents to suit seasonal or event demand, includes bulk admin, and give rapid access to the relevant services, skills groups, and features

Improved customer experience

Unlock dynamic end user self-service, through a highly intuitive portal

Non-technical management interface

Manage service changes in a fast, accurate, and repeatable way

Increased accuracy

Removal of manual and multiple data entry points in different management applications

Reduced revenue leakage

When integrated into billing systems, all customers, consumed services, and changes are correctly charged for, as they are provisioned

The value

Common toolset

Manage your contact center software solutions alongside other UC and business services, with a common toolset

Access to benefits

Access the same benefits that are in VOSS Automate (RBAC, multi-tenancy, devolved administration, transaction audit, integration, etc.)


Harness the flexibility of VOSS Automate to tailor or extend capabilities to meet specific business needs (manage 3rd party apps, new use cases, etc.)

UC and contact center management from VOSS

For providers

Save time and money in providing a single pane of glass management approach to UC and Contact Center management. The amount of administration that goes into operating a UC and contact center environment is huge. For providers, this grows exponentially as the number of clients on the platform increases. With VOSS, the pain is eliminated, as multiple customers can be served from a single platform.

For end customers

Run a dynamic workforce, ensuring a positive employee experience, and responding to change quickly and easily.

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