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VOSS – A single point of integration

VOSS provides a suite of automation management tools that sit at the heart of your digital workplace. We integrate with any API, enabling you to view, analyze, and administer other business systems – such as HR, billing, expense management, service requests – through the central VOSS management console. This gives you a holistic view of the operations and performance management of your business, and enables you to manage your estate from a central point of control.

VOSS Automate and VOSS Insights offer integration to make UC an automated part of your end-to-end business processes. Whether extending provisioning workflows, providing data to enrich other systems, or reporting issues and alarms, UC touches a lot of processes across the organization. VOSS integration interfaces and flexible workflows provide the widest possible business process automation.

VOSS Integration | successful integration of acquisitions

REST API interface

VOSS Integration | successful integration of acquisitions

Rapid integration

Single point for rapid integration for external systems to access data or drive workflows

Comprehensive connection

Secure, scalable, comprehensive connection to other systems

Northbound and Southbound interfaces


  • Rapid integration – Push data to external systems based on events in VOSS

  • Monitoring – Ensure external systems stay up to date

  • Customizable needs – Handle queuing/reliability of messages, specific external formatting, other customizable needs


  • Utilize configuration to add integrations – no coding needed

  • Configure relevant API calls and data required for the call

  • GUI integration to execute via an application’s portal when integration interface is not available

  • Configuration can be added to existing system without upgrade

Key Features

Data sharing

Business analytics, billing, and service assurance data can be shared across systems

Initiate provisioning

External order management systems can initiate or manage services, and existing customer portals can be extended to cover UC elements


External systems can be notified of changes to users, services, inventory, billing, UC performance, and more

Extend provisioning

Utilize our configurable driver and GUI orchestration options to manage and provision additional applications and devices

Portal integration

With single sign-on integration, VOSS can act as a main portal to launch external systems, or external portals can launch the VOSS system

VOSS Integration | successful integration of acquisitions


  • Extend the single pane of glass – provisioning additional apps/devices in your environment
  • Reduce time and costs to complete business processes
  • Drive business speed & productivity
  • Report on UC system performance and critical faults
  • Leverage VOSS domain expertise and tools
  • Minimizing development and maintenance costs
  • Improve integration project ROI