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Extending the lifetime of existing assets and reducing operating costs in large scale distributed telephony networks

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Introducing VOSS Phone Server

VOSS Phone Server operates as a registration and telephony server, connecting devices into existing telephony estates. In doing so, it provides a simple and straightforward mechanism to bring a wide choice of multi-vendor devices into current platforms such as Cisco HCS/CUCM, Avaya Aura and Microsoft Teams.

VOSS Phone Server is a telephony application server that provides registration and call handling features for devices (SIP Phones, Clients and End-Points). It is installed into the same network as the client end-points and then connected (SIP Trunking) into the existing UC or telephony system. 

Two modes are supported:

  • To work alongside an existing Cisco HCS / CUCM or Avaya installation to offload devices from the main telephony estate 
  • To enhance a Microsoft Teams installation by providing connectivity to analog adapters and third party SIP devices without the need to register these onto the Microsoft Teams cloud

Management and administration of the Phone Server is through VOSS Automate

Digital workplace management for fincial services


Extend the lifetime of existing devices

Extend the lifetime of existing devices that become unsupported as the main telephony platform is upgraded to the latest software.

Scalable, standard telephony

Provide scalable, standard telephony at lower purchase and ongoing license costs at places such as lobbies, reception areas, meeting rooms and branch offices.

Assist migration to new solutions

Allow existing devices to connect quickly and simply into the new estate with minimum disruption.

Connect more third party (SIP) phones

Offer the option of connecting more traditional third party (SIP) phones and analog devices (ATA adapter) into solutions such as Microsoft Teams (which are designed to primarily cater for mobile and PC soft clients).

Concentrate dispersed devices

Home workers with remote devices – simply and cost-effectively back into the main Cisco or Avaya solution.

The value

Phone registration and telephony services

Phone registration and telephony services – simply and cost-effectively integrate devices into an existing Cisco, Avaya or Microsoft Teams solution.

Extend the lifetime of existing devices

Extend the lifetime of existing devices – whilst upgrading to the latest telephony software.

Reduce ongoing operating and license costs

Reduce ongoing operating and license costs.

Extend the benefits of VOSS Automate

Manage and control the entire estate from an intuitive web portal.


Take advantage of the wide range of available third party SIP devices.

Connect traditional devices

Connect traditional devices, phones and analog points into Microsoft Teams.

Mix and match

Move selected phones in a site onto the Phone Server.