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About the VOSS training program

The VOSS training program is designed to enable technical users and administrators to increase their knowledge of the VOSS technology, learn new best practices, and improve their administration skills. The advanced virtual training environment empowers students to learn and gain hands-on experience from any location, with the remote support of our highly experienced training team.

VOSS Automate

VOSS Automate Courses

Applicable for each of the courses listed:
Automate version 21.3 PB3

  • Online delivery

    • Remote online course
    • 5 half days (4-5 hours) remote cloud-based training
  • On site delivery

    • Classroom delivery
    • Course delivered over 3 days in a classroom

VOSS Insights

VOSS Insights Course

VOSS Insights Administration is a self-paced trainerless course, hosted in a virtual training environment, and has been created for IT administrators who wish to use VOSS Insights to gain a deeper insight into their UC platform performance. The course is approximately 8 hours long.

Full details of the VOSS Automate courses

At VOSS, we offer three Automate courses, with each course having a specific focus. See the full details of each course below or download the PDF here.

Automate 1:

Who is it for?

  • An introduction to VOSS Automate
  • Appropriate for operational staff that use VOSS Automate to carry out MACDs
  • Also a good foundation course for engineers and architects planning to use more advanced Automate capabilities


  • Basic ability to use software applications
  • Basic understanding of UC Apps


  • Introduction
    ○ GUI Basics  ○ Transactions Overview  ○ Hierarchy Concepts  ○ Admins and Credential Policy  ○ RBAC Overview
  • Site Information
  • Number management
    ○ Number Management  ○ Numbers Functions  ○ E164 Management
  • Users
    ○ Users Information  ○ Users Functions – Sync  ○ Users Functions – Move
  • Quick Add Subscriber
    ○ Cisco QAS Standard  ○ Cisco QAS Extended 6
  • Basic MACDs
    ○ Cisco Subscribers Basics  ○ Cisco Phones Basics  ○ Cisco Lines
  • Functions and Services
    ○ Cisco Phone Functions  ○ Cisco Subscribers Functions  ○ Cisco Subscriber Services – Voicemail  ○ Cisco Subscriber Services – UCCX
  • Cisco Additional UC Features

Automate 2:

What you’ll learn

  • Discover how to use VOSS Automate to onboard customers and users
  • This course is appropriate for engineers and architects looking to deepen their knowledge, to start to work with – and configure – VOSS Automate


  • Familiarity with VOSS Automate basic use / Automate 1 course
  • Understanding of UC Apps


  • Customer Basics
  • Cisco UC Apps
    ○ CUCM and CUC  ○ CUCM Additional Settings  ○ UC Prep  ○ Additional Devices  ○ Gateways
  • Data Sync
    ○ LDAP Integration  ○ Data Sync
  • Entitlements
  • Macros Overview
  • HCS Dial Plan Overview
  • Sites and Services
    ○ Site Management  ○ Site dial plan and defaults docs  ○ CUC Services
  • Tools and Bulk Loaders
    ○ Bulk Loader Overview  ○ Bulk Loader Details  ○ Admin Tools  ○ Global Settings

Automate 3:

Course focus

  • A deeper dive into VOSS Automate, to learn how to design and implement a solution for a customer
  • This course empowers engineers and architects to utilize VOSS Automate’s advanced tools and configuration options


  • Ability to on board new customers / Automate 1 & Automate 2 courses
  • Some development understanding is an advantage


  • Architecture Overview
  • Templates
    ○ Macros – next level  ○ CFTs overview  ○ Quick Add group and QAS Settings
  • Sysadmin Tools
  • RBAC
    ○ Menus  ○ Landing Pages  ○ Access Profiles  ○ Themes  ○ Field Display Policies
  • Business Portal
    ○ Profiles ○ Configuration Mapping

Feedback and comments about VOSS training

My expectations going into this class was to fill in the details and understand how the system works and its functionality. I would say that the class was definitely worth the time.


A very good course that will allow me to carry out provision activities on VOSS.


The training will allow me to support our clients better during end user training delivery. The course was well organized, and provided real-world context to build a framework of understanding.


Nearly 50 people from across the Virgin Media Business have attended VOSS Admin and Engineering courses. We were very impressed with the VOSS training content, training materials and the step-by-step learning process. The trainers were excellent and the skills attained are now embedded throughout our business.

Virgin Media

This course was well put together and the delivery of information made for an enjoyable week.


Excellent! Very knowledgeable. Knew everything to perfection.


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