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VOSS Discover makes a complex, often daunting migration process, incredibly simple.

Before you plan a migration and agree on a budget, can you answer the following questions?

How will I audit and analyze the existing setups, configurations and their usage?

Do I have insight into the data inventory for users, servers, numbers and devices?

How best to extract, review, clean, rationalize, map transform or redesign for a new Microsoft Teams service?

If you can, great! It seems like you are well on your way to a successful project. If not, VOSS Discover can make it incredibly simple to see what’s involved and help mitigate the possible risks.

Get a quick overview of VOSS Discover and see how to simplify your migration process.

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What’s included?

VOSS’ engineers have a proven track record in complex migration projects and PBX systems. With VOSS Discover, we give non-intrusive and secure insights into your PBX from analysis gathered via an offline report. This will assist you with the planning and budgeting for migrating your existing telephony systems to the cloud and to Microsoft Teams Voice.

There are two flavours of VOSS Discover:

Option 1: VOSS Discover

VOSS Discover is designed as a first and fast view into the existing PBX configuration, to understand what needs to be migrated and some of the possible complexity associated with that. It includes:

  • Insight into what your existing set-up looks like
  • Reporting on users, numbers, services and devices
  • A gap analysis and assessment of the current configuration, on migrating key existing services and features to Microsoft Teams
  • The package takes 2-4 weeks to complete

Option 2: VOSS Discover Plus

VOSS Discover Plus provides a deeper dive into the existing PBX configuration, makes use of additional data sources (e.g. usage data), and is suitable for organizations that require a fuller audit at the start of the migration program. It includes:

  • A deeper dive into the existing configuration data on the PBX
  • Support for ad-hoc or custom queries on the data
  • Creates of a migration approach, level 1 plan and risk register
  • A planning workshop to help you get the approach started
  • The package takes 4-6 weeks to complete

Business Value

By putting VOSS at the heart of your digital workplace strategy, you will be rewarded with some immediate benefits:

De-risk your migration project early on

Get a snapshot of existing inventory and migration gaps

Improve efficiency and cost reduction

Free up your technical and IT resources for higher priority projects and tasks

Additional information

Download the VOSS Discover solution sheet

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