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At VOSS, we value the close and strategic relationships we have with our channel and technology partners. Below, you can find out more about the value of becoming a VOSS partner, and take the next steps towards joining the VOSS partner program.

VOSS Partner Benefits

Why Choose VOSS Over Other UC Management Offers
  1.  VOSS is the leading provider of UC management in terms of depth of management and experience, with 90% of the world’s Tier-1 service providers selecting VOSS over other systems.
  2. We offer a full range of UC management tools covering Migration, Fulfillment, Assurance, Billing, and Analytics.
  3. Independent research from Nemertes finds that Organizations using UC Operations management tools (like those offered by VOSS) see a 59% reduction in operational costs and 34% increase in user adoption.
  4. The same research found that organizations using VOSS technology were found to save even more: 19% on their UC implementation costs and 7% per annum on UC operating costs, compared to offerings from competing vendors.
  5. Our technology can be quickly added to existing or new deployments supporting UC solutions deployed on premise, in the cloud or a hybrid mixture.  Our software can be deployed on premise or hosted in the cloud.
  6. Organizations correctly fear that investing in a vendor’s UC management will lead to vendor lock-in. VOSS is a multi-vendor platform. While there is deep partnership with Cisco, VOSS is also a Microsoft Silver partner supporting Skype for Business.
  7. VOSS offers more comprehensive management across the full lifecycle of a UC environment, from design, through deployment, through day-2 operational management and finally through optimization and migration. 
  8. VOSS has a flexible architecture to address different market needs.  Years of customer and partner feedback has helped evolve to product to address the majority of use cases out of the box while offering extensive customization to meet any automation use case requirement; without core code changes. This offers partners a chance to differentiate themselves by creating value for customers.

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