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At VOSS, we value the close and strategic relationships we have with our channel and technology partners. Below, you can find out more about the value of becoming a VOSS partner, and take the next steps towards joining the VOSS partner program.

Program Overview

Strategic Reseller Partnerships

UC management is a key enabling technology to address the telecommunications challenges that organizations are facing:

- It helps companies implement UC more effectively

- It keeps administration costs and complexity low

- It provides an additional revenue stream to partners

This is a great time for market-leading systems integrator companies to leverage the VOSS UC management technology to further strengthen their UC portfolio.

Systems integrators and global resellers understand the growing importance of UC management in communications infrastructures, and choose to enter into a partnership with VOSS to target their enterprise customers; those with an IP voice/UC infrastructure in place, and those without existing UC environment:

  • For enterprise customers with a partially or fully deployed IP voice/UC infrastructure who wish to lower costs and complexity and maintain their on-premise environment, partners can offer VOSS-4-UC Overbuild. This UC management solution effortlessly takes over an existing communications platform and automatically learns all existing data that has been deployed in the installed IPT/UC environment, including custom dial plan elements, to provide a single portal to replace all the interfaces for multiple UC services.
  • For enterprise customers looking to replace their legacy environment with a new ‘greenfield’ solution that better fits their specific business structure and process requirements, partners can offer VOSS-4-UC Greenfield. This UC management solution helps organizations design and deploy their new UC environment from the ground up and then quickly and easily on-board the enterprise’s users and associated data while integrating seamlessly with the business process and legacy systems.
  • For enterprise customers with a need for hybrid UC management (with an environment that includes both on-premise and cloud-based UC), partners can offer VOSS-4-UC Hybrid. This offers the best of both worlds.
  • Increasingly, enterprise organizations are opting for a multi-vendor UC environment; selecting best-in-class UC technology from a number of different vendors, over a single-vendor solution. This can lead to some significant challenges in the day-to-day administration and management of the UC environment. VOSS is working collaboratively with Microsoft and Cisco to offer a UC management solution that allows the UC applications from the two technology giants to coexist in a single UC platform, and be managed from a single pane of glass VOSS management platform. Talk to VOSS to find out more about this solution.
  • Many enterprise organizations face a real challenge when it comes to migrating to the next generation UC; or even upgrading from one version of technology to the next. VOSS offers a UC migration solution which includes our MiGR8-2-UC product that addresses the challenges across the lifecycle of an enterprise’s migration project; from discovering and analyzing the UC environment, to extracting the masses of related data, to transforming, cleansing and validating the data, through loading it to the new environment. The VOSS UC migration solution is hugely popular with VOSS’ strategic partners, as it addresses a problem which almost all of a partner’s end customers face at one time or another.