VOSS Solutions

UC Management Tool Set

VOSS delivers world class products to meet the management needs of the ever changing Unified Communications (UC) market. Scroll down to read about the products we offer: VOSS-4-UC, M2UC, and VOSS Assurance.


Design, deploy, operate and optimize UC solutions with the worlds most advanced UC Service Management platform. Architected for use by enterprises, governments and service providers to reduce costs associated with UC management.

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Optional Add-on Modules

  • VOSS Self-service

    Fully customizable, intuitive and secure web-based portal empowers end users to manage their services, features and devices, in real-time, from any location, on any smart device.

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  • VOSS-4-UC Contact Center

    VOSS-4-UC Contact Center offers an integration between VOSS and the contact center, enabling front and back office support from a single, highly intuitive administration portal.

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  • VOSS Business Admin Portal

    VOSS Business Admin Portal is an intuitive interface that allows administrators to quickly and accurately complete the most common MACD tasks with little-to-no UC or system training. 

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  • VOSS Analytics

    VOSS Analytics allows you to quickly retrieve information about users, devices, services, licenses and transactions, through an easy-to-use web-based portal.

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  • VOSS-4-UC Northbound Integration

    Northbound Integration for VOSS-4-UC provides integration into billing, asset management and other northbound service management systems. 

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  • VOSS-4-UC ServiceNow Integration

    VOSS-4-UC ServiceNow Integration consumes and actions ServiceNow requests, driving efficiency and service response times when managing large scale UC deployments.

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  • VOSS-4-UC Direct Routing

    This module enables organizations to integrate and manage Microsoft Teams and Cisco UC, through Microsoft Teams Direct Routing.

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  • VOSS Phone Server

    Extending the lifetime of existing assets and reducing operating costs in large scale distributed telephony networks

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Fast and efficient migration and on-boarding of large volumes of users, devices and services to harness the power of the latest UC solutions available

VOSS M2UC incorporates a highly sophisticated migration engine and uses a revolutionary methodology to
discover, extract, transform, validate, and load large volumes of users, devices and UC services, to enable organizations to rapidly and efficiently carry out UC migration and consolidation projects – whether they be on premises or on private or public voice cloud services.

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VOSS Assurance

VOSS Assurance integrates with VOSS-4-UC to enrich the data needed for monitoring and fault detection leading to faster resolution. Add business context to the technical data available from your UC solution to ensure quality service delivery.

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