VOSS Solutions


Fast and efficient migration and on-boarding of large volumes of users, devices and services to harness the power of the latest UC solutions available

VOSS M2UC incorporates a highly sophisticated migration engine and uses a revolutionary methodology to
discover, extract, transform, validate, and load large volumes of users, devices and UC services, to enable organizations to rapidly and efficiently carry out UC migration and consolidation projects – whether they be on premises or on private or public voice cloud services.

How it works

M2UC introduces a high level of automation across the migration lifecycle, handling large scale and complex data sets and introducing transformation rules, to reduce the reliance on manual processes, ad-hoc tools and disjointed mechanisms, ensuring a seamless, secure and efficient migration.

M2UC supports multiple data sources so that all pertinent data can be captured and that data can be extracted from various vendors, software versions and data formats.

M2UC comes with an intuitive Web Portal to manage each migration project, making it easy to control and for new users to come rapidly up-to-speed.

Designed for you

  • Cisco HCS Provider

    • Migrate to the latest Cisco HCS version
    • On-board new customers
  • Enterprise

    • Migrate from on premises to a cloud solution
    • Move Microsoft Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams
  • Managed Service Provider

    • Consolidate legacy solutions
    • Migrate legacy TDM to the latest UC
  • Bulk MACD Support

    • Manage site moves or site dial plan updates
    • Changes to a numbering plan

The benefits

M2UC addresses the significant complexity of UC migration, offering some essential advantages that sets VOSS apart from other migration tools on the market.

M2UC delivers key benefits in terms of migrating users on to new UC solutions, with a reduction to risk and to project delays, and with a much lower requirement for skilled resources.

  • Delivers a better and more controlled customer migration experience with a faster time to benefit.

  • Extracts from a wide range of Cisco, Microsoft and other legacy PBX platforms, which can be supplemented with data from other sources such as backup files and Excel loaders.

  • Improves planning by including a deep data discovery, audit and reporting, extracting from multiple sources to capture all pertinent data. Reports can be exported for offline analysis and circulation.

  • One instance of M2UC can be used for several projects, each managed by a separate team and with access controlled through user credentials and access profiles.

  • Provides high levels of automation around the migration process to increase accuracy and confidence – with the option to fully audit the data and process ahead of time.

  • Reduces errors and risk by implementing a set of rules for mapping and transforming data – with a standard library of rules included and with the option to add advanced rules to accommodate the most demanding migration scenarios.

  • Improves efficiency and reduces the demand on internal, skilled, and scarce technical resources.

  • Mitigates serious outages resulting from errors and misconfiguration.

  • Protects data security and integrity through access control, audit logging and robust database storage.

  • Provides flexibility to cater for a wide range of customer-specific migration scenarios and requirements.

  • Integrates with existing business processes and approvals.