VOSS Solutions

Why VOSS is unique

Improved staff efficiency and productivity

MiGR8-2-UC puts an efficient schedule in place that allows engineers to better pace themselves over the life of a migration (i.e. you don’t have teams working 14 hour days, 6 days a week, for 6 months). The high level of automation in MiGR8-2-UC means that one skilled person can carry the same work loads as 4-5 engineers that are following a manual process of data in spreadsheets.

Faster site cutovers

The introduction of automated processes allows:

  • Batch sizes to be increased to much higher levels than through a manual process
  • The rate of extracting, processing and loading data to be much  faster

High levels of data accuracy

  • Extracted data is automatically cleaned, by cross-referencing against accurate data sources
  • Manual data transformation processes are automated, to reduce human errors
  • Data currency issues are eliminated
  • All advanced settings are extracted, so users are not required to re-customize their services

Lower business risk

MiGR8-2-UC ensures business continuity and safe-guards customer satisfaction. End users are much less impacted, and productivity levels of the customer’s employees are not impacted by the migration process.