VOSS Solutions

Single pane of glass UC management for Cisco and Microsoft UC

VOSS-4-UC is the world's most advanced UC management platform. VOSS-4-UC brings significant business benefits garnered from over 12 years of UC management experience, across more than 100 of the largest service providers, enterprises and government organizations.

UC Management

How VOSS-4-UC works

  • Unlimited access levels

    Administration levels map to your business and organization structure, no matter how complex.

  • System integration

    Single point of integration between your UC solution and other IT business systems like HR, billing, expense management, service request, etc.


Customizable. secure, web-based portals are available for administrators and end user self service. Application interfaces are also available to provide access to other VOSS modules and 3rd party systems.

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VOSS Core Framework

A highly scalable and extensible architecture with a modular building-block design that provides for virtually unlimited feature expansion capabilities. Accepts "add-on" component applications, additional interfaces to outside systems, and provides unparalleled automation capability, all of which offer the ability to fit any business process or environment. Engineered with a set of base features, on which the framework itself operates that are fundamental to its flexibility, scalability and its power.

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Service management

Create user profiles that operate using advanced workflows and templates to automate the way features, services and devices are delivered across different user types.

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  • UC Applications

    Support for a wide range of UC applications such as voice, messaging, mobility, collaboration as well as user devices. VOSS-4-UC is dynamic enough to quickly support new features, services, applications and devices.

  • Network Infrastructure

    In addition to UC application management, VOSS-4-UC offers high levels of central automation for various communication network elements in the UC architecture like gateways, SIP trunks, session border controllers, etc.

Deployment models

Flexible options for where your UC solution is installed and where you would like your management platform to reside.

  • UC Solution

    However you decide to deploy your UC, whether it's on premises, or from a private or public cloud, or a hybrid mix; VOSS offers a secure, single view into your UC and collaboration platform that can be easily adapted to suit your exact requirements.

  • Management Platform

    VOSS-4-UC can be installed on premises or consumed as a cloud-based solution, called Management as a Service, providing a single point of control for your UC & collaboration tools, regardless of where those solutions reside.


  • VOSS Self-service

    Fully customizable, intuitive and secure web-based portal empowers end users to manage their services, features and devices, in real-time, from any location, on any smart device.

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  • VOSS-4-UC Contact Center

    VOSS-4-UC Contact Center offers an integration between VOSS and the contact center, enabling front and back office support from a single, highly intuitive administration portal.

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  • VOSS Business Admin Portal

    VOSS Business Admin Portal is an intuitive interface that allows administrators to quickly and accurately complete the most common MACD tasks with little-to-no UC or system training. 

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  • VOSS Analytics

    VOSS Analytics allows you to quickly retrieve information about users, devices, services, licenses and transactions, through an easy-to-use web-based portal.

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  • VOSS-4-UC Northbound Integration

    Northbound Integration for VOSS-4-UC provides integration into billing, asset management and other northbound service management systems. 

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  • VOSS-4-UC ServiceNow Integration

    VOSS-4-UC ServiceNow Integration consumes and actions ServiceNow requests, driving efficiency and service response times when managing large scale UC deployments.

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  • VOSS-4-UC Direct Routing

    This module enables organizations to integrate and manage Microsoft Teams and Cisco UC, through Microsoft Teams Direct Routing.

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  • VOSS Phone Server

    Extending the lifetime of existing assets and reducing operating costs in large scale distributed telephony networks

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What are the benefits of using VOSS-4-UC?

  • Productivity benefits

    • Retain knowledge within the organization
    • Design implemented correctly
    • Faster triage times
    • Frees engineers from repetitive tasks
    • Avoid data slippage
    • Improved integration with legacy systems

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  • End user benefits

    • Single business portal for all UC services
    • Faster service delivery for new applications
    • Real-time self-service for end users
    • Maintain strategic control of the communications environment
    • Real-time service profile management and reporting

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  • Financial benefits

    • Reducing total cost of ownership
    • Implementation savings
    • Operational savings
    • Capital savings

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Calculate the benefits now!

VOSS has teamed up with Mainstay Salire to create a benefits calculator, that helps service providers and enterprises work out how much they could save by deploying the VOSS software. We invite you to input some information about your organization to calculate how much you could save with the VOSS service fulfillment management platform.

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