VOSS Solutions

What are the benefits of using VOSS-4-UC?

Productivity benefits

  • Retain knowledge within the organization

    VOSS-4-UC provides a central knowledge retention system with built in organizational discipline, helping companies retain original designs, field implementation changes, and subsequent operational changes.

  • Design implemented correctly

    With VOSS-4-UC, the original design can be implemented correctly each and every time, because the detailed configuration process, including the dial plan, is automated. Therefore the need for additional test tools and configuration comparison tools are greatly reduced.

  • Faster triage times

    With VOSS-4-UC, a trouble ticket can be rapidly linked to service infrastructure, as this information is fully mapped and can be accessed centrally without having to refer to the underlying network. Only VOSS-4-UC provides this central repository of data to allow faster triage times for trouble tickets.

  • Frees engineers from repetitive tasks

    The high level of automation in VOSS-4-UC frees engineers to work on more strategic initiatives, which in turn improves their job satisfaction and improves staff retention rates.

  • Avoid data slippage

    VOSS-4-UC imposes a high level of discipline across the communications platform and significantly lowers the risk of data slippage.

  • Improved integration with legacy systems

    VOSS-4-UC provides a single point of integration for an organization's business applications, as well as providing standard APIs that are supported through future releases of both VOSS and the underlying infrastructure. This ensures an integration strategy with low maintenance costs.


End user benefits

  • Single business portal for all UC services

    VOSS-4-UC is a “single pane of glass” management platform for all UC services. Organizations need only log into the one VOSS business portal and, from that single instance, manage a range of business processes, such as adding a user, and all of the associated provisioning will take place automatically.

  • Faster service delivery for new applications

    Adding a new UC service is non-trivial when performed manually. Through advanced automation, VOSS-4-UC greatly speeds UC service delivery and reduces the effort of introducing a new service.

  • Real-time self-service for end users

    VOSS-4-UC provides a self-service portal, to allow all of the latest UC settings to be self-managed by end users on any device. End users are able to change their single number reach settings, modify their messaging notification settings, or change the line label text on their phone, in real-time, from a single, self-service portal.

  • Maintain strategic control of the communications environment

    VOSS-4-UC enables the centralization of the communications infrastructure, while maintaining strategic control of internal customers/departments. Services levels actually improve because changes are performed in real time.

  • Real-time service profile management and reporting

    VOSS-4-UC allows for much greater granularity of service profile management, against agreed business rules, so individual users can receive additional services from local office administrators, on an as-needed basis. This empowers the local administrators and reduces the workload on the central help desk. 

Financial benefits

  • Reducing total cost of ownership

    Management and automation tools provide a number of significant financial benefits to organizations who wish to deliver the latest UC services to their users. With VOSS, a far lower total cost of ownership can be achieved because our technology impacts all cost elements over the lifecycle of a collaboration platform.

  • Implementation savings

    Nemertes Research polled over 1,000 North American large enterprises, and discovered that the cost of implementing an IP telephony environment (across all vendors) can be reduced from an average of $523 per phone/device, if specialty UC management tools, such as VOSS Solutions, are utilized. For a 10,000 seat enterprise, this amounts to a saving of over $2m.

  • Operational savings

    Nemertes also proved that for large enterprises, the ongoing annual operational cost per phone can be reduced from $1,194 to $585, when utilizing specialty fulfillment management tools, such as VOSS Solutions. For a 10,000 seat enterprise, this amounts to a saving of over $6m in operational expenditure per year.

  • Capital savings

    With VOSS, shared infrastructure can be managed effortlessly, meaning that server utilization rates can be much higher and the number of servers reduced. VOSS also offers vendor license management tools to more efficiently manage vendor capital costs, so that each organization knows exactly what service licenses it has consumed from either their vendor, or provider.