VOSS Solutions

Why VOSS-4-UC is unique

VOSS provides business solutions for organizations with complex UC management requirements. By simplifying the design, delivery and operation of UC infrastructures, VOSS enables organizations to better profit from enterprise communications.


Most experienced team

With over a decade of experience in UC management across some of the largest service providers, enterprises and governments, VOSS is able to share these learnings and best practices to help with your UC management needs.


Unparalleled automation

VOSS-4-UC delivers and manages all features with very high levels of end-to-end use-case automation. Coupled with our integration capabilities, automation can extend across IT systems to bring about "zero-touch" provisioning possibilities.


Extensive integration

Northbound and RESTful APIs as well as a Scripting Engine, unique to VOSS, allow integration of the UC solution with other IT systems to speed up processes and service time.


Highly adaptable

VOSS-4-UC is architected to be flexible, from the administrative levels and user interface to the workflows and templates. All can be tailored to completely fit your business structure and processes, without custom coding.



Developed to the strictest security standards covering encryption, authentication, attack prevention and much more to keep your data safe.