VOSS Solutions

VOSS Business Admin Portal

VOSS Business Admin Portal provides an intuitive interface that allows administrators to quickly and accurately complete the most common MACD tasks with little-to-no UC or system training. Business Admin Portal complements VOSS Advanced Admin Portal which allows far broader and deeper access to technical configurations. 

How it works

Business Admin Portal is an easy-to-use interface that promotes simplicity and usability by addressing the most common use cases and scenarios. The consolidated navigation and task-first orientation of the Business Admin Portal interface makes the process of carrying out MACDs very straightforward, and provides the guidance needed to complete the task once there. With Business Admin Portal, non-technical staff are able to carry out a set of MACDs quickly and efficiently.

    Key features

    Business Admin Portal provides the key day-to-day activities typically required to manage users and their services. Its inherent simplicity gives any administrator a single, consistent interface to make immediate changes across multiple systems in a multi-vendor UC network.

    The intuitive user interface allows administrators to easily navigate the portal without the need for support and training, improving the success of devolved administration.

    The scope of features and tasks supported in the interface will continue to grow, to increase the use case coverage and as new use cases are added to VOSS-4-UC.


      Business Admin Portal reduces the time it takes to complete MACDs and helps to spread the administration tasks across a wider group.

      Business Admin Portal's intuitive interface removes the need for extensive training or the need to learn specific ways a system works to complete a day-to-day task. This leads to the improved end user satisfaction satisfaction and immediacy that devolved administration can deliver.