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The VOSS Assurance Suite

Do you want to optimize your business and operational performance, and increase user adoption,
to save both time and money?

The VOSS Assurance suite gives you access to actionable intelligence about your collaboration platform, enabling you to visualize and actively manage the performance and quality of your collaboration suite, across its lifecycle. 

By integrating seamlessly with your business applications, we empower you to resolve problems faster, make better more informed decisions, and improve service delivery through automation.

We take the pain away

With nearly 90% [1] of people working from home, digital transformation has accelerated by 7 [2] years over the past 18 months, with collaboration transformation at the very center. Your business and user experience demand an assurance tool which keeps pace, saves your team time, and reduces business cost by 40%. That’s why you need the VOSS Assurance suite.

This accelerated collaboration transformation journey will continue to accentuate underlying problems within your environment. VOSS solves these problems for you:

  • Increased complexity

    Multiple applications with different deployment architectures used by various business departments are time-consuming to manage and error prone

  • Poor user experience

    Poor quality service leads to poor experience (customer or employee) which impacts productivity and revenue

  • Limited visibility

    Disparate siloed admin and reporting tools delay time to report and negatively affect insight across your business

  • Spiralling costs

    Heightened complexity, reduced visibility, longer adoption periods, and a myriad licenses to manage, all lead to increased cost complexity

[1] Metrigy Workplace Collaboration Study, 2021

[2] McKinsey COVID Study, 2021

The four cornerstones of the VOSS Assurance suite

There are four components to the VOSS Assurance suite - we call these the cornerstones to the solution, each providing a unqiue set of values to your business.  

  • Assurance

    Advanced, actionable business collaboration performance intelligence. Combine voice quality and service data with log analytics from any source before customizing alerts, thresholds, and events into response procedures tailored to your business and processes, with integration into your ticketing system for end-to-end automation.

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  • Analytics

    Powerful business context insights and visibility to drive efficiency and understanding. Integrate with your IT Ops applications with enriched data for intelligence to help you deepen your collaboration service quality, usage, and effectiveness. Drive improved productivity, save money, and support adoption through continual transformation.

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  • Netflow

    A deep network understanding across performance, usage, and degradation areas. Combine with collaboration data across on-premise and cloud deployments for increased fault isolation, user experience, security vulnerabilities, and network planning. Visibility across all network traffic and deep root cause analysis with proactive synthetic call flow testing.

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  • Cloud

    Access standardized intelligence and insight from a single portal for all your voice, video and collaboration solutions. Actionable intelligence across quality, usage, and effectiveness for all vendors giving you the knowledge to drive adoption, optimize your deployments, and track your success.

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We make self-healing UC a reality

Collaboration environments generate big data sets. Applying AI and machine learning to this data increases intelligence and insight to provide recommendations based on policies, thresholds and responses. With VOSS’ provisioning and assurance tools this can be taken a step further; solutions can ‘self heal’ by extracting data, analyzing, diagnosing, and applying corrective rules through automated workflows with minimal to no human intervention. Some example use cases of AI:

  • Resolution recommendations

    VOSS Assurance provides recommended actions to be executed based on historical alarms.

  • Device failures

    If a device is not working correctly, VOSS Assurance triggers the platform to pull configuration of this device to troubleshoot the issue and take corrective action to fix the problem.

  • Call path errors

    If a dial plan is accidentally mis-configured, VOSS Assurance determines that the call path is wrong and triggers the platform to investigate the dial plan configurations. If an error is detected, VOSS-4-UC will update the dial plan automatically.

  • Capacity limitation trends

    If a threshold is reached, VOSS Assurance triggers VOSS-4-UC to automatically reconfigure to increase capacity.

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