VOSS Solutions


Advanced, actionable business collaboration performance intelligence. Combine voice quality and service data with log analytics from any source before customizing alerts, thresholds and events into response procedures tailored to your business and processes, with integration into your ticketing system for end to end automation.


The challenges we address

VOSS Assurance is extremely useful if you face the following challenges:

  • Your businesses generates a vast amount of data across multiple systems, but you don't know how to extract and analyze it
  • You're having issues with collaboration tool performance and user experience due to poor tooling and resource management
  • Different vendors and technologies are managed across multiple disparate systems that don't talk to each other
  • You receive alerts but your system doesn't allow you to drill down to understand where the problem is, or how to respond, or how to fix the issue

How it works

Our powerful correlation engine can extract your data from any source, correlate it and take action on multiple points within the collaboration and application ecosystem. This offers you and your customers to view and analyse overall health, quality and performance. VOSS Assurance incorporates the ability to collect all data within your collaboration environment and index it under a single architecture through a single pane of glass.

Key features

  • Comprehensive access to device information, from endpoint through to core application

  • Configured response procedures to address faults automatically

  • Fully customizable alerts, policies, alarms, reports, and dashboards

  • Role-based access control configuration

  • Integration with the VOSS portfolio for rich data context

  • Probes to ingest any structured or unstructured business data

  • Voice and video quality from the same customisable interface


  • Customize and configure

    Access a single vendor-agnostic pane of glass dashboard that spans all on-premises and cloud collaboration vendors, encompassing voice, network, security, and LAN/WAN. Ensure that time-sensitive and actionable data is all in one place.

  • Monitor and analyze

    Monitor all endpoints, network, and collaboration environments to understand voice quality and performance over time. Analyze vast amounts of business data across multi systems.

  • Improve and optimize

    Scale horizontally and vertically to meet your evolving business needs. Monitor employee and customer experience with greater visibility across your platform. Reduce operational costs by resolving problems faster – or avoid them altogether.

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