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Access standardized intelligence and insight from a single portal for all your voice, video and collaboration solutions. Actionable intelligence across quality, usage, and effectiveness for all vendors giving you the knowledge to drive adoption, optimize your deployments, and track your success.

The challenges we address

This cloud component from VOSS is extremely useful if you face the following challenges:

  • You are moving to the cloud and want to manage all solutions in one place
  • You want to see and understand user adoption of new technologies compared to old ones
  • You want to see and understand Zoom, Microsoft Teams license consumption and trends, from a single portal

How it works

The VOSS Assurance suite for cloud collaboration extends the on-premise capabilities to incorporate your cloud vendor technologies keeping all your assurance data in a single place across your traditional on-premise, hybrid and cloud environments.

With businesses moving more services to the cloud, offering greater flexibility to their employees and customers, there is an increase in the number of management portals.

The VOSS Assurance suite for cloud collaboration saves operational costs and reduces complexity by consolidating all your technical and business reporting information in a single interface allowing you to combine and analyse end to end experience.

Key features

  • Multi-vendor support - incorporate all your cloud providers into a single view

  • Out-of-the-box, fully customizable reports

  • Rely on full historical data retention to meet your business requirements

  • Access meetings, collaboration, video, screen sharing and voice statistics, all from a single place

  • Integrate third party business applications for end-to-end workflow automation (ITSM, HR, billing etc.)

  • Manage non-cloud elements such as session border controllers, huddle spaces, video rooms, physical phones and headsets, for a complete picture of the user experience


  • Deeper understanding

    Highly flexible reporting helps you understand and manage license usage, costs, user adoption, digital transformations, and so much more.

  • End-to-end visibility

    From headset to cloud to network, access and analyze all of your data in enterprise-grade reports for a deeper understanding.

  • Increase adoption and speed up transformation

    A comprehensive insight into your platform performance with actionable intelligence supports your collaboration transformation strategy; speeding projects, improve experience, and tracking your success.

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