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A deep network understanding across performance, usage and degradation areas. Combine with collaboration data across on-premises and cloud deployments for increased fault isolation, user experience, security vulnerabilities and network planning. Visibility across all network traffic and deep root cause analysis with proactive synthetic call flow testing.

The challenges we address

NetFlow is extremely useful if you face the following challenges:

  • If you have voice quality issues but it is not clear where this problem is
  • If you have a disconnect from the voice and the network elements
  • If nobody knows the flows and traffic patterns across the network
  • If the networks are connected to different domains such a cloud and fault isolation is hard
  • If you are concerned about security and what is sending and receiving data

How it works

NetFlow takes streaming telemetry data from the core network devices and conducts packet analysis to give meaningful insight to the source IP, destination IP, port and protocols. With the power of VOSS Assurance’s call quality information, it will identify network congestion and capacity limitations.

NetFlow helps you to understand the UC data flows during investigations, and will proactively spot issues with raptor running synthetic tests. Taking home-working, VPNs, cloud and complex on-premises network solutions into account, VOSS helps you understand your voice and your IP solutions, and enables you to speed up fault diagnostic and isolation.

With VOSS, you can see traffic flows and types across all cloud, hosted, and enterprise services. By combining your insight into voice quality and experience with network performance, you can easily identify areas of degradation. VOSS empowers you to understand the cause of voice jitter, delay, and hops, in the context of a network. It also combines with raptor for passive call flow testing.

Key features

  • Collect, correlate, and customize your dashboarding and reporting

  • Understand traffic flows in the network, and quickly identify and rectify any changes

  • Understand congestion that impacts a user’s service, experience, or quality

  • Security to ensure the authorized flows do not open insecure paths

  • Access your traffic history to analyze if changes have altered the user experience

  • Identify bottlenecks in the network, especially internet routers, core routers and VPN concentrators

  • Combine flows with port, bandwidth, and alarm information

  • Overlay call quality data with traffic flows, using synthetic tests

  • See voice jitter, delays, and hops in the context of a network


  • Increase your visibility

    Blend your view of cloud, hosted and enterprise services to see traffic flows across these varied domains from a single point of control.

  • Improve your knowledge

    Combine your insight into voice quality and experience with network performance data and raptor data, to get a deeper understanding of your platform’s performance.

  • Take dynamic action

    Harness the actionable intelligence provided by VOSS to continually improve and optimize your collaboration platform, and create automated rules to pre-empt and then self-heal issues that arise.

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