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  • VOSS and Soft-ex: A Strategic Partnership

    The brochure explains the collaboration between Soft-ex and VOSS:

    Soft-ex, part of the WidePoint Group, and a leading supplier of Analytics and Billing solutions, and VOSS Solutions, a global supplier of UC management platforms, have embarked on a strategic global partnership.

    The collaboration is particularly relevant to organizations that have the VOSS UC management  platform in place – either as a direct customer of VOSS or embedded in the Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS) under the name of Cisco UCDM.

    The Soft-ex Optimiser is a powerful tool that collects call detail records from the UC application, and delivers consolidated billing and advanced analytics. The VOSS UC management technology defines and tracks provisioning of services, for users and the rest of the business structure, to generate invoices according to business needs.

    Couple these two industry leading technologies together, and organizations have a compelling, pre-integrated and powerful solution to track UC usage and enable the effective monetization of the UC offering.

    The flexibility and granularity of approach of this combined capability empowers organizations to determine how they want to optimize efficiencies and generate revenue from the UC system, while still having a mechanism to easily track and invoice that revenue model.

    VOSS and Soft-ex: A Strategic Partnership