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  • VOSS-4-UC Self-Service Datasheet

    This is a technical document detailing the features and capabilities of VOSS-4-UC Self-Service:


    VOSS-4-UC self-service is a highly intuitive web-based multi-service portal for end user selfservice, allowing administrators to decentralize administrative tasks down to the end user. This dashboard capability includes self-service for all voice features, UC services and user devices, where users are able to self-manage their full range of voice, mobility, unified messaging and presence services or devices from a single interface with a familiar look-and-feel. IT administrators are empowered to securely devolve tasks down to the end user level, while retaining central audit and resource control.

    Why end users and their organizations benefit from VOSS-4-UC self-service

    VOSS-4-UC self-service is well suited to end users who demand easy-to-use and intuitive software, providing them with instant access to take total control of even the most complex and diverse cloud-based multi-vendor unified communications (UC) service, without putting the integrity of the network at risk. VOSS-4-UC self-service accelerates end user adoption without requiring end users to invest time and effort in training or learning to use the new system.

    Today's end users are accustomed to accelerated service delivery and reduced time to resolution. VOSS-4-UC self-service meets these needs and improves both end user satisfaction and organizational efficiency, by automating access rights, eradicating manual approval processes, and optimizing business processes.

    In a competitive landscape, VOSS-4-UC self-service decreases operating expenditure - the largest part of the TCO - by making reductions in three areas: Dependence on a central IT helpdesk; the number of support calls and tickets raised; and costly administrator interventions and overall cost of maintenance.

    VOSS-4-UC Self-Service Datasheet