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Proactive call analysis

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SIP device | call management system | voice call traffic

Actionable intelligence and performance management

Raptor is part of the VOSS Insights Assurance solution providing actionable intelligence and performance management.

Raptor is a SIP device registered to your call management system. It will generate voice call traffic on your network across call paths of your choosing. These calls can be scheduled or made ad hoc.


Automatically run repeatable test cases and call flows on a schedule.

Generate real network traffic and calls to help diagnose signaling and media problems

Generate traffic at different codecs

Add the Raptor as additional log data to search when required

Identify issues before they impact users

This traffic allows you to proactively ensure:

  • Dial tone across the network
  • Active registration and calls from your end users to your PBX
  • Unsuccessful calls are properly alerting to the support team
  • A consistent level of data on a consistent basis between important sites

Raptor data also helps with root cause analysis and combined with VOSS Insights: Netflow, you can isolate faults in your network as well.

SIP device | call management system | voice call traffic
Sample reports
Call path analysis
Call quality
Unsuccessful call alerts
Cause code analysis
Call metrics (requires NetFlow)

Automated testing

There are many tests an engineer could perform to ensure the collaboration solution is working as expected. Raptor can help you automate all of these tests:

  • Inter site and intra site connections
  • PSTN in and PSTN out
  • Calls to mobile, calls to contact centers, calls to voicemail
  • PBX to PBX calls
  • Call recording initiation
  • Dial plan call flows
  • Codec and transcoding

One automation example is the case of a dial plan issue: Raptor would immediately alert if the change was not completed successfully, ensuring the change could be rolled back to avoid a longer service outage.

How it works

  • Raptor can make calls to:
    • Physical phones
    • Other Raptors (in a ‘pitcher, catcher’ set up)
  • Deployment footprint is small
    • Virtual machine
    • Windows machine
    • Small network appliance (like an Intel NuC)
  • Deploy as many Raptor clients as required
  • No additional VOSS licenses to enable Raptor (your call management system may require a device license to register)
SIP device | call management system | voice call traffic

Additional use cases

  • Migration to new UC&C service: Eliminate the site visit to test devices and call flows by using Raptor to send test calls to the site.
  • Troubleshooting problem sites / locations: Generate calls remotely to view issues across the call path and call quality metrics. se raptor on sites that are difficult to resolve issues
  • Verify dial tone: It is possible for the call management system to be “up” but users still do not have dial tone. Scheduling calls will help you proactively discover any issues.
SIP device | call management system | voice call traffic

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SIP device | call management system | voice call traffic

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Innovation update
SIP device | call management system | voice call traffic

We see the growing trend that many enterprises have now deployed some form of cloud collaboration – often Microsoft Teams, Zoom IM, or Cisco Webex. Our customers’ focus for the year ahead is to reconcile these latest UC tools with their corporate telephony strategy.

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SIP device | call management system | voice call traffic

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